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    One evening (sometime, circa 1983) Doctor Dahesh told me this story from his childhood, one that gives us a rare look into his initiation into the world of prophets.

    Young Salim was playing with his friends, and it was night time. They reached an old and abandoned mansion in ruins. Being a practical joker (even at such an early age) young Salim (who like most kids ghost stories) says to his young pals "there's a spirit that lives here...very scary... " then he adds "that spirit listens to ME. When I summon him, he appears!"

    It was clear to the other boys that Salim was putting them on. So they didn't believe him.

    Undaunted, he tells them "I can prove it! Would you like to call the spirit?"

    Of course the boys called his bluff (and it WAS a bluff as far as Salim was concerned!) and challenged him!

    Salim climbs upon a mound of rubble, turns towards the ruins, spreads his arms wide open and—perhaps putting on the best performance of this his young life—he "summons" the spirit...

    Now, I've heard that the Doctor—up until the moment he injured himself competing in a running contest with a much younger person (probably 22)—was a fast runner. In "Innocent in Chains: The Notes," we learn that he leaped (I forget how many exactly) over several stair steps at a time, something that was actually told to me by Marie Haddad's daughter herself (she said "Mario, if you could only see the Doctor in his youth, he could leap over several steps at once!")... so, he was definitely a fast runner and could leap like an impala...most probably due to that eventful night when the spirit actually appeared, as per his orders, thus sending the children running, screaming atop their lungs—led by Salim, of course.

    Now, if you think this is funny, imagine (after hearing this story) finding yourself with the Doctor and our host, alone in the foyer of her huge (and I mean HUGE) house. Imagine the Doctor (who, along with the host, was sitting in a chair, right by the door) telling you, in a soft voice (accompanied with a somewhat concerned look) "we heard a noise... there's not supposed to be anybody else in the house."

    "A noise? Maybe one of the cats?"

    "No, no, this sounded as if there is someone in the house... please go look..."

    And, he added "make sure you look everywhere..."

    "Everywhere?" I said...

    "Yes, everywhere...we'll wait for you down here"

    Suddenly, the idea of seeing "aliens" or "extra terrestrial creatures" was not as appealing to me!

    "God, let it be a thief!" I thought! "Anything but an non-human apparition!"

    Then I thought, "shouldn't we be calling the cops?" But then I thought "of course not, because he's a PROPHET and there are ALWAYS 'spirits' around!"

    In fact, and if you permit me to introduce yet another tangent, one time he was entertaining a man and his wife (who would eventually betray him) and they were all meeting in the bedroom in the NYC apartment. When, suddenly, and God-only-knows how, the heavy (and I mean HEAVY) bag containing his shaving equipment (electrical shaver, after shave etc), which was solidly planted (as it always was) at the corner of the heavy dresser which was solidly planted (as well) on the CONCRETE floor, on top of which was a layer of parquet, would fly off and RAM the floor with power that the noise from the impact freaked us all out! What's even more scary is that I SAW IT all from the corner of my eye! It was as if an "invisible" hand slapped the bag and sent it ramming the floor!

    After the "guests" were gone, the Doctor and I were puzzled... "How could that have happened?"

    I said, "Doctor, maybe there was a presence in the room. There is no other explanation. This bag should not have moved!"

    My theory was that, whatever "presence" was in the room, it must have read the minds of the Doctor's guests and was so infuriated, it unleashed its anger upon the bag... Hence, it was making "a statement."

    He looked at me and shook his head and said "possible, very possible..."

    So, based on the Stories he wrote and what I've heard from him and seen that day, I became a believer in "Ghosts" (if I may use that term). However, let me be totally clear: I categorically do not believe any human being has the capacity to summon "Ghosts."

    Any presence we don't see is something that follows strict rules of the universe. In fact, in Daheshism, we believe the rules are so strict that, in fact, it is WE who punish ourselves as a result of our actions. To give you a very rudimentary example: take a watermelon and throw it up in the air, with both hands... and don't move. What on Good God's Earth DO you think IS going to happen? You're going to wake up hours later... in a hospital bed. And... need I remind everyone NOT to try this at home? (The things you HAVE to say online to avoid lawsuits these days...) So, please, do not try this at home! (may it be yours or someone else's!) Oh, and I am sure you're going to ask me "But aren't miracles, technically speaking, breaking the laws of nature?!"

    Yes and no... And again, and as I have pointed out in my other (yawn-inspiring) threads, the multi-dimensional nature of the universe (5th dimension and beyond) is (at least, on a theoretical level) suggesting that, where these dimensions intersect, "strange" things happen. So, here's my take on the subject: for a CLEAR and PRESENT miracle to occur (such as a Mannequin coming to life... a painted bird to fly off the painting... etc.) "someone" on the "other side" has to "flick" a "switch" of some sort in order to create some sort of (heaven knows what kind of) "phase shift"... and that's when you, quite literally, jump (without feeling it) from one dimension onto an other ... In other words, imagine you are in a train cab, where all the seats are red. Outside, and on a parallel track, you have another train cab, just like the one you're in, riding beside yours, and where everything is exactly a mirror image of what is happening inside the cab you're riding in... except that the seat are yellow. Now imagine time coming to a full stop (only possible if you, and ONLY YOU —theoretically—reach the speed of light) at which time, you decide to get up, walk past the people who are frozen solid in time... perhaps kick the guy who stole your seat while you were in the bathroom... then walk across the tracks and climb aboard the other train...

    It would have all happened in an instant and you wouldn't have even realized what had happened. And that could ONLY happen as a scheduled event (versus a random one).

    So, to recap, nothing is random (even though, yes, I know, in Quantum physics we see evidence that there is randomness... )

    Anyway, , I was supposed to search "everywhere" ... Let's see... that was 6 or 7 bedrooms, under the beds, the corridors, closets, the bathrooms, the walk-in closets, the "this" room, the "that" room, every crevasse, nook and cranny etc., I don't remember exactly how long it took... And with every door I swung, my heart was pounding... (and I honestly don't remember if I had to search the WHOLE house...)

    Anyway, after I went through what I thought was everything, I called out from the mezzanine "All CLEAR!"

    The Doctor said "How about the ATTIC?"

    "Great" I mumbled...

    And let me tell you folks, Stephen King would LOVE that attic... It was HUGE... But, one must admit, well lit.

    Anyway, I went through the attic, inch by inch... And, just as I was about to declare the search for the mysterious noise officially over, I noticed I had forgotten one room... a room I had to go into... if the door was not locked...

    "Please, please, please, let the door be locked, please!" (I thought to myself)

    The door was not locked... And that was the ONLY place where anyone could hide... I turn the door handle... I swing the door open...

    The good news was that it was utterly dark in there, so, no apparitions! (Hey, I've never seen a Ghost before, and typically, they come with light effects, don't they?!)

    Just to be sure, I reach inside with my arm, and just like a hound, my hand searches for the light switch... finally, "Click!"

    The room was clearly "void" of any presence!

    Success! I am done!

    Of course, I had totally forgotten that just about EVERYONE who went into that room managed to have the living daylights scared out of them courtesy of the highly lifelike and rather pretty female mannequin that the Doctor found and purchased and placed up there... behind the door!

    Of course, I waited until the blood rushed back to my legs and feet before I made my way down the monumental stair, proudly declaring that the "coast was clear."
    And, as an interesting footnote... That Host who was old enough to be my mother, once waited for me behind the main door, and just as I was going inside the Foyer, she jumped out and scared (again) the living daylights out of me!

    "What are you doing?!" I...panted...

    She replied "Oh, Mario, long ago, before I was a mother of 4, I was a very young bride... I was a just a kid... I loved to play... and I would often wait behind the door and sneak up on my husband and scare him!" (To be continued...)
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    Finally some action

    Well, Ghosts I believe before In their existence but I never thought they were a good spirit. I thought they were some demons using their information about the subject and trying to fool his beloved one.
    Well after reading about the “sayalat” and “Nada” who came from another level , I start the believe in the Daheshism theory.
    What do you think about miracles done by Saints , like “Saint Charbel” and others?
    Why could someone have the talent of being a painter or a sculpture and why other not?
    I think everything is related to the “sayalat” explained by the Daheshism.
    Waiting the second part of your story


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      For the benefit of those who are not familiar with what "sayyalat" means: it is Arabic, and the plural of "Sayyal" which means "Fluid." In Daheshism, we are constantly referring to "Spiritual Fluids."

      I agree with you as far as what makes a person a painter, a musician, an artist, a mathematician etc. These "S.F."'s are the "Beyond the genetic" code ... code... that make each one of us. They are constantly rising and falling (like the stock market) in relationship with our actions AND thoughts.

      The thing about "ghosts" to remember is also this: we are swimming in an ocean of "waves/particles" (wavicles?) that we can't neither detect, see, smell etc. Hence, (and at the risk of freaking everyoby out) make no mistake about it, we are observed, recorded, etc.

      But, I would like to add the following key concept: In Daheshist belief, everything that happens is for a reason. Furthermore, no measure of "seances" or "excorcism" will prevent what must be.

      Well... sort of... and here is where we get into the subleties...

      It it very possible, when you feel an "evil" presence, that you may (based on whether or not you are able to surmount your fear—for example—or the way you redirect your thoughts and intentions) to ... "tune out" the encounter (again, it does NOT have to be ANYTHING you see or hear... but, you CAN certainly feel it...).

      On the other hand, don't believe ANYONE who tells you THEY can communicate with the spirits (AT WILL, that is...) ... Oh, for crying out loud... if only that was possible... Well, that's MY take on the subject.

      In terms of the saintly miracles...

      Let me be blunt: no. I don't.

      But that does not mean I will go around trying to convince people to follow my vision. To give you an example. I have a cousin on my late father's side. She and her husband and their autistic child, drove all the way from Aleppo Syria to Mnt Sharbel. On their way, they stopped to visit us while we were stationed in Ajaltoon.

      I must have been 17 years old. When I saw the tears running down my cousin's eyes, as she gently and lovingly caressed her child's face... my heart collapsed... I would have been a criminal had I told her what I believed. Plus, don't forget, there is a lot to be said for the power of the mind. Sometimes palcibos work, don't they? Same (parhaps) with the myths that many believe in. If these myths give them hope (A) and (B) make them kind and OPEN MINDED people... I don't see the harm. Don't forget, the Doctor himself wrote that we have to respect other people's beliefs.

      It's ONLY when these beliefs are used to subjugate the people... That's when we must combat the "tyrants" (while they are in power, and NOT after they fall, again, read "WORDS" by Doctor Dahesh.)

      Regarding the story of Nada: do you have Loutfi Radwan's book per chance?
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        I read about Nada in "Madkhal ila al Dahichia" in the spiritual fluid section.I don't have Loutfi Radwan's book.
        Regarding prayers , where can i read more about this?


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          Is that right that Dr. Dahesh beleived that hypnosis is not real ?(I based this judgment from newspapers that i read in )
          But in fact hypnosis is a science now.


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            Originally posted by Boudy View Post
            Why could someone have the talent of being a painter or a sculpture and why other not?
            Hello Boudy,

            As you may know, Daheshists believe in Reincarnation and This notion explains "A Lot".

            If "one" has been a painter, a musician, a writer in a previous life … and has to come back to Planet Earth he "may" have this gift again … This is like an inheritance that comes from our past lives.

            For example, one of our sisters was playing the piano very well because she has one of the many spiritual fluids of … Beethoven … And she deserved to come back to Earth with a wonderful ability to play the piano ...

            When someone is rewarded by The Divine Justice and comes back with such wonderful gifts he/she also needs to practice these gifts/talents - which in fact are fluids - otherwise he could lose what he had previously gained.

            This is like muscles or "memory" that needs to be trained in order to maintain a specific level.
            Of course there are certainly many other factors that should be taken into consideration ... this is surely much more complex and subtle than that ...

            From what I have understood, nothing should ever be taken for granted because nothing is gained or lost forever … and that's the good news !

            We are always "on our way" … to ... somewhere ...
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              Originally posted by Boudy View Post
              I read about Nada in "Madkhal ila al Dahichia" in the spiritual fluid section.I don't have Loutfi Radwan's book.
              Regarding prayers , where can i read more about this?
              I see, thank you for the follow-up reply. In terms of "Prayers." You have "Ibtihalaat Khoushoo3iyat" a book of prayers Doctor Dahesh wrote. Log on to and check out the "Dahesh Books" link, then go to Dahesh Heritage. Contact them for more information.

              Originally posted by Sonic View Post
              Is that right that Dr. Dahesh beleived that hypnosis is not real ?(I based this judgment from newspapers that i read in )
              But in fact hypnosis is a science now.
              You are correct, Doctor Dahesh did not believe in hypnosis. Now, let's be clear about a couple of things... If I tell you "whatever you do, don't think of a three legged white elephant!" what do you think your first thought will be?

              Does that make me a hypnotist because I tricked you into thinking about a three-legged white elephant? (see, there you go ... you're thinking about one again!) There is certainly something to be said about "mind control" and the power of suggestion... and all that... In fact, that's why we have cults and people who specialize in deprogramming cult members.

              Is that a science? Or is it an art?

              Doctor Dahesh, in my experience, was very carelful about what he said and to whom he said it. Words are information. Information is everything we see, hear, taste, etc. All that, causes change at the cellular level — in fact, to such a degree, that you could kill a person with words.

              That has nothing to do with me waving a pendulum in front of you and repeating : "You're feeling sleepy, very sleepy... when you wake up and hear the words 'three legged white elephant' you will begin to limp!"

              Science? OK, let me ask you this question: have you ever been hypnotized in a manner we're speaking of?

              I stand by Doctor Dahesh's teachings. Hypnotizm is... JUNK Science.

              Mind control? Ah, that's an art onto itself. Please read SNAPPING by Flo Conway and Jim Seigleman.
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                Some People discusss hypnosis in internet threads and they have some videos as proof.
                I did not have any experience.But i heard Hypnosis CDs and i enjoyed them .You feel refreshed after you hear them . does it relate to hypnosis?imagination?guided tour?meditation?


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                  Originally posted by Sonic View Post
                  Some People discusss hypnosis in internet threads and they have some videos as proof.
                  I did not have any experience.But i heard Hypnosis CDs and i enjoyed them .You feel refreshed after you hear them . does it relate to hypnosis?imagination?guided tour?meditation?
                  Dear Sonic,

                  In my opinion, Meditation and daily breathing ritual are wonderful ways to feel refreshed. Of course, the benefits of breathing go much deeper than simply achieving physiological efficiencies... and there would be a lot to say about this ...

                  In Buddhism meditative practice which are focused on breathing is part of a whole process . Breathing quiets the constant stream of mental noise that passes across our consciousness.

                  Hypnosis is just a kind of technique derived from basic and ancient meditation. Hypnosis is simply based on visualizations.

                  Hypnotherapy uses theses old meditative practices to reach an altered state of consciousness you may reach when practicing yoga and meditation.

                  Listening to these kind of Cd or watching videos may be very helpful to concentrate and relax ... that's all...
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                    Many years ago, I used self hypnosis (more correctly meditation) to change the direction of my life. Hypnosis is not something of magic. But used properly can be very effective.

                    But in 1987, I discovered something I found which amazed me. Evidently the brain is susceptible to stereophonic sound waves in such a way that they can ease the mind from one state to another. I do not think I can easily explain the impact, but I list two links. The first is a small newspaper article about the place where I had this experience and it methods. The second is to the Institute where they offer a service to allow people to experience it.

                    The world's premiere organization for the study of human consciousness. Offering residential mediation retreats, online courses and research programs for the study of expanded states of consciousness using audio supported guided meditations. Access expanded states of conscious with Robert Monroe's Gateway Experience.

                    My personal experience consisted of being transitioned from an awake state to deep sleep within thirty minutes. In the morning they reversed the transition from deep sleep to wide awake to fully alert within about twenty minutes. The state of alertness was so extreme that I don't think anyone could have held me in bed. I also tried a tape they provided to condition the mind for reading and I recall that it was was effective. It has gotten lost over the years.

                    I would not advocate this over meditation, but possibly as supplementation to it.


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                      Thanks Ron ,

                      I looked into it and found Binaural Beats website .
                      A free software for every platform that contains different programs
                      here the link though at Your Own risk :

                      I tried some different programs before sleeping , i woke up confortable but i dont know if it is the result of the program or my natural sleep .


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                        That's really interesting. I did not have chance to look for other sites. I need to take a closer look at these other sites. There were two items at the "Monroe Institute" site that caught my eye. One was a CD that used binaural beats for an "out of body" experience and the other was for "meditation". I suspect the "out of body" thing is really some sort of total relaxation CD.

                        But the Monroe Institute is a strange place. I was there. In 1987, they did research on death, dying, and whatever comes next. While I was there, they allowed us to use their sleeping facilities. I attended a creativity seminar there. Literally, they put us to sleep at a specific time, 11:00PM and woke us at precisely 7:00AM. The tones that synchronized the brain were masked by music. In the morning, the music began at about 6:40AM and slowly in creased in volume. When I was first aware of the music my initial thought was, "Oh make the music go away". I wanted to sleep longer. Although, the tones that caused the change in the brain state could not be heard you were vaguely aware that something was happening. By 7:00AM, my body felt like there was 50,000 volts running through it. I could not have stayed in bed if I had been chained to it.

                        I believe that the binaural beats technology is real and effective. I also think it is important to obtain your information from a good source and to be well informed. However, there are probably limits of its' effectiveness in the case where a person has a physical illness.

                        If you want to explore meditation, once you find a technique that works well for you, you might want to extend it with some sort of binaural beat relaxation CD. Good luck.


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                          Interesting discussion. It might be helpful to further define some of the terms you refer to. There is what some refer to as 'hypnosis', there is TM (transcendental meditation) and a host of relaxation techniques. In discussions with other people, I have heard these terms often interchanged one for the other. I do not at all follow what is classically thought of as "hypnotism" and all that entails. The idea of meditation and relaxation I view as a very health-ful and prayer-ful practice. The clearing of the daily "noise" from one's mind and recentering/refocusing on the clear self is a practice so often lost in our Western society.


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                            Hypnotism is not a good term to use. It tends to conjure an image of a circus act. However, I'm not skilled in terminology of meditation. we could use some good input here. Wikipedia listed thirteen types of meditation and I'm not certain they did the topic justice.

                            My reference to Sonic regearding Hemi-Sync Audio Technology is like using massage to alter the state of the mind. But I had demostrated to me that it can move the brain in either direction. It can create an acute sense of awareness or cause relaxation. Claims have been made that it can enhance the condition of the brain for specific tasks such as reading, memorization, and a few other things.

                            Regarding prayer, I feel that it can be a type of meditation. But sometimes the stress that creates the need to pray inhibits the state of mind required for meditation. Which is why I think sometimes we need to turn to other people.