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March 23, 1942: The Start of the Daheshist Era

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  • March 23, 1942: The Start of the Daheshist Era

    The Following is translated from Sandrine's French presentation which features excerpts from a historical Daheshist Document translated from Arabic to French by the Daheshist Chucri Henri Chakkour.

    Sandrine writes:

    Many years ago, Chucri Henri Chakkour had generously offered us a French Translation of about forty pages taken from a major book of the history of Daheshism titled: “Miracles and Prodigies of Doctor Dahesh — Volume One.”

    Towards the last pages of this book, Yussef El Hajj, the first Daheshist, relates his encounter with Doctor Dahesh. He then describes the First Spiritual Session that he was permitted to attend on March 23, 1942.

    March 23, 1942 therefore inaugurates the start of the Daheshist Mission as well as the beginning of the Daheshist Era.

    Two subsequent Spiritual Sessions
    (dated March 25, 1942 and April 12, 1942) are later described by Yussef El Hajj.

    May 14, 1942 — “The Day of Miracles” — marks the entry of Brother Haleem Dammoos in the bosom of the Daheshist Mission

    “The Spirit” manifested itself and requested that all the spiritual sessions witnessed since the start of the Mission by Yussef El Hajj and Haleem Dammoos be re-transcribed, and I quote:

    “Upon our return, the Spirit manifested itself again. It asked us to enter in the company of The Doctor (at his residence) in order to write out the full story of all the Spiritual Sessions we were witness to from the start of This Mission. … Proclaiming that, from this day on, Brother Haleem Dammoos — the second believer — shall be Historian (The Chronicler) of the Spiritual Sessions Chronicles."

    That is the reason for which Brother Yussef El Hajj would then cede his place to Haleem Dammoos in order to relay the facts that were going to take place starting from May 12, 1942.

    The rest of the book is consequently written by Brother Haleem Dammoos, the Second Believer who Doctor Dahesh will later refer to as “Father Haleem” in a letter dedicated to him.

    This book thus continues through the chronological story of the Spiritual Sessions to which “Father Haleem” was a witness starting from May 12, 1942, as well as various exceptional events that took place day after day and in the presence of The Doctor.

    On this March 23, 2009 and on the occasion of the first day of the 68th Daheshist Year, we would like to offer the first pages of this book which were written by Youssef El Hajj


    Excerpts from Volume Number One

    Translated from Arabic into French by Chucri Henri Chakkour

    “How I knew Doctor Dahesh”

    The Testimony of Yussef El Hajj

    In the beginning of the year 1939, a friend came and told me:

    " Doctor Dahesh is looking for you and would like to make your acquaintance because he had heard a lot about you during his stay in Iraq."

    As for me, I didn’t really pay too much attention to that.

    Some time later, it was another person who transmitted the same message to me. Subsequently to that, I decided to meet Doctor Dahesh at mutual friend’s place, the painter César Gémayel.

    I read the traits of genius upon the face of Doctor Dahesh. The sound of his voice, his gaze… everything in him suggested that I was face to face with heap of mysteries and spiritual possibilities that had never before come together in one man.

    And yet, and despite it all, the rapprochement between the two of us never happened; it was as if the hour had not yet tolled.

    End of 1941 … I went down to Beirut.

    And here is the hour announcing a new stage … and this time, the rapprochement took place through the intervention of our mutual friend, the poet William Saab.

    We agreed, Doctor Dahesh and I, that I would give him lessons in Arabic grammar … and thus, our meetings were becoming more and more frequent.

    One morning, as I was explaining a grammar course, he surprised me with a strange proposition : that of attending a Spiritual Session.

    I hesitated not.

    And that is how the First Spiritual Session for the Good of this Suffering Humanity took place.

    That is then when I remembered his words as I was leaving after a visit.

    He said to me :

    “My brother El Hajj … you and I, we are going to form a Great Spiritual Brotherhood that will blow life, light, and knowledge into the soul of its sons … and this new association will be a Second Redemption for Humanity!”

    By listening to his remarks, I did not comprehend the profound meaning of what they signified.

    And from that day on, many Spiritual Sessions were held, sometimes for an individual and sometimes for a great number of the faithful.

    And the Lofty Spirits would descend upon us and lavish us with their heavenly advice and directives, while certain fluids would take hold of us and subject us to temptation. (*)

    And this is what I was witness to . . .

    March 23, 1942 – First Spiritual Session : The Beginning of the Daheshist Mission

    During this first Spiritual Session, The Spirit of Peter, the Chief Apostle, took over Doctor Dahesh.

    IT explained to us a great number of spiritual and material Truths.

    IT revealed to us the persecution that Doctor Dahesh, Prophet of the 20th Century was going to incur … and what he was going to be subjected to at the hands of both the secuclar and the religious powers.

    In addition to that, the Spirit predicted what certain brothers — who were going to adhere to The Mission — were going to endure in terms of tribulations, persecutions, and even assasination attempts…

    Happy is he who perseveres until the end of the trial and woe to him who will stumbles.


    (*) Chucri’s footnote:

    “ In reality, it was their own [spiritual] fluids that were testing them… “

    Chucri reminds us later in his translation:

    “ March 23, 1942 was the start of the Daheshist Mission.”

    This date is also considered as being the start of the Daheshist Era, and that the [Daheshist] calendar begins at 1-1-1 (First day of the First month of the First Year) and which corresponds to 03/23/1942.

    (Continues --->>)
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    Happy New Daheshist Year...

    I would like to wish everyone a Happy New Daheshist Year... the 68th year of the Daheshist Mission.

    Certainly, celestially, it is cause for remembrance and celebration. We here on earth, somehow won the celestial lottery of hope, whereby the Daheshist Mission was brought to our world.

    However, as far as what the Daheshist Mission really is today versus what it could or even should be, I sadly observe that Daheshists need to seriously reflect, rather than really celebrate, upon the current state of their Beloved Mission.

    And just what is the problem with the Daheshist Mission today? I think quite simply... it is a piece of all of US. It is humanism...

    Basically our problems are the remnants of everything that Daheshism was brought to this earth to hopefully move us away from in the first place.

    There is nothing new here, and as such the conflicts and struggles within our Beloved Mission and the greater world in general are nothing new either.

    I think I can comfortably state that the Daheshist Mission in its current state is not the most ideal that it can be.

    Imagine... Imagine the ideal world you would want to live in... Imagine the peace you would want for yourself and for your family... spiritually... emotionally... Imagine having this same genuine hope and wish for others. Imagine a world that exists in a general sense of well being and overall balance.

    This certainly does NOT describe the world here that exists today... the world that we all have been the stewards of for generations.

    Daheshism is the continuation of an awareness of a celestial ideal (here on earth) that in its essence, applies and connects us to all beings and all things in the universe... it is in part a road map of the laws and checks and balances that exist in the universe and how we fit and move within it.

    I pray that we can move Daheshism in to the light that it so properly deserves... and that we all owe to it, with every fiber of our being.
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