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The crime of the 20th century.

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  • The crime of the 20th century.

    By Y.S.

    The crime of the 20th century

    On the 28th of August 1944 our guiding beloved prophet was subjected to a horrific persecution; for the hand of murder and pride and selfishness did to him all that’s unimaginable of mental and physical torture; under the cover of protection of law.
    A story of persecution that started on that day and ended up by depriving him of his nationality and sending him away from his country Lebanon, and shooting one of his, personalities, on the borders of Azerbaijan.

    But after nearly a month of humiliation, he returned victorious, for God saved him. He got his nationality back by the aid of his heavenly father; the father of all creation; God almighty. His vision was fulfilled for he saw himself riding a lion, and returning to his people who believed in him.*
    But sure, yes, in his heart he was saying: Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do. Amen

    We believe that these blessed words ignited forgiveness in Apostle Estephan when he was stoned to death, but said:

    *The vision was written by Dr. Dahesh in his great book strange stories and wonderful tales, part one. Page 19, Arabic version.
    Dr. Dahesh’s return to Lebanon was on the ninth of October 1944.

    The killing of one of his personalities was done on the first of July 1947. Where his enemies thought that he was still captive; but in fact, his main personality who suffered the bitterest persecution for, nearly a full month, was among his beloved followers.
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