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Dahesh's Final Resting Place...

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  • Dahesh's Final Resting Place...

    On April 9, 1984, Doctor Dahesh passed away.

    On that tragic night, I remember touching his face and feeling the cold reality that he had left us... a day later, 2 Daheshists and myself assisted the morticians in the embalming... We saw and experienced what few Daheshists have seen or felt.

    Later his body would be taken to a temporary resting place. I say temporary because our dream was to see him resting in a final place befitting him.

    Since I volunteered to guard the house, I missed the funeral ceremony and I remember falling asleep in his study, facing his bed, with the smell of phermaldahide still permeating the air...

    The 20 of us who where eventually present on that day made a pact with God...

    Where are we now...

    For all those who wanted to be there but couldn't, you can see a satellite image of Dahesh's resting place... somewhere in North America. I don't know if his sacred coffin was moved since I was there last.

    No matter...

    If you are a Daheshist and wish to pay your respects and view the image, please register and send me an email.
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