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Saluting Dr. Fareed Abu Suleiman

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  • Saluting Dr. Fareed Abu Suleiman

    Ask any person who knew Dr. Fareed Abu Suleiman personally and he or she will agree that his sweetness
    and his kindness were only matched by his humility.

    He had it all.

    But he gave it all up to stand by his Beloved Guiding Prophet.

    He, unlike others, never made excuses!

    When asked, he never denied the existence of Daheshism merely to save his own skin or to avoid embarrassment...

    He, unlike others, knew who he was and where he stood!

    That is why, we proudly salute this rare example of dedication, bravery, and loyalty.

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    Dr. Farid Abou Sleiman in the early 1940's

    Today, we received a nice letter from Samir Abou Sleiman, Dr. Farid's nephew, that included the following two images: a portrait of Dr. Farid (circa early 1940's) and an actual letterhead from his clinic in Beirut. These were incorporated into the "Daheshists" section.