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    Sometime between 1986 and 1988, David and I rented a single engine airplane which we flew down from Boston, MA to Westchester County Airport, in White Plains, NY. (I have the log book, I can look up the actual date. There, we met with a Daheshist sister who met us on the tarmac with her car. She handed us a box that contained "items" sent (at the time) by my brother from Beirut to the USA.

    After Hussein's constructive comments about not airing out "dirty laundry" and the advice given to me by Sandrine and David, I will refrain from divulging why that box ended up in my possession (Maybe one day I'll auction the story on eBay! ... You HAVE to be a Carly Simon fan to appreciate the reference... And yes, I am joking!)

    Anyway, all I can say is that I was instructed to keep the items until "further notice."

    These items, in case anyone is curious, consisted of gifts given by Daheshist brothers and sisters, to commemorate the birthday of our Beloved guiding prophet. They included modest, yet meaningful artifacts, such as a hand-fashioned Daheshist star from clay. Another, a painting by (if memory serves me...I COULD be mistaken) Luai Dada (?)... I believe it's a painting showing sailing ships... I haven't opened that box in over 15 years (at one point, I must have transferred the items to a newer box) Anyway, since that time, I've kept those items with me and protected them from harm, to the best of my abilities. I've been through many ups and downs these last ... 20 years... or so. I must have moved 7 or 8 times... And, each time, I made sure the BOX was intact.

    Now, the BOX needs a home. But WHERE would THAT be?

    You see, at the time, these "artifacts" were rejected... or quarantined indefinitely.

    I need your feedback.


    Mario Henri Chakkour
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    "Fail, to succeed."

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    In fact, in this tale, what I consider nice, is that you Mario, attribute an importance to these small things in which people have poured their hearts. I recognize that these were offerings and it is a pity to imagine they didn't attain their final destination. It makes me sad to think that someone's noble gesture, even if it was modest compared to the luxurious pieces of art gathered in the Museum, was held in contempt. Do you think that we could create a virtual gallery showing the objects? On the other hand, how would someone who believed that their labor of love reached their intended destination feel?

    And by the way, can you please explain the reference to Carly Simon?
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      "You're sooooo Vaaaaain..."

      "...You prob'ly think this POST is about you!"

      Supposedly, and I've heard that on the RADIO (which we all know must be true!), Carly Simon was going to finally reveal the secret identity of the man (we presume) she sang to sarcastically in "You're So Vain." For years, everyone who loved that song wondered "WHO is she referring to in that song?"

      The main chorus goes like so:

      "You're so vain, you probably think this song is about you!" (yes, thank you Mario, we gathered that from the title of your reply!)

      Anyway, according to the "news" Carly Simon allegedly auctioned the "secret" on eBay. Simply put, whoever wins the auction, would have the secret identity whispered into his ear by none other than Carly Simon herself.

      But, all that aside...

      Yes, we certainly CAN have an online exhibit hall. But, I just don't feel I can open the box... sure, call it superstition (I certainly do) nor do I feel it is fair that these objects live in limbo.

      Each object in this box carries meaning, hopes and dreams. If I don't see any sign of interest on the part of the so-called Daheshist community, then, so be it. One day, I'll erect a small edifice on a piece of land (I AM a licensed architect, after ALL) and put them on display.

      One way or the other, these noble gestures will NOT go in... VAIN! (wink wink nudge nudge)
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      "Fail, to succeed."