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    I stumbled upon the following science news item: In the article, David Deutsch says "Everything in our universe -- including you and me, every atom and every galaxy -- has counterparts in these other universes." I wonder if the other me made the same choices in life that I did?

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    Science News, Logic and God

    I love reading science news. There are quite a few science news web sites. Unfortunately, most report on the same news items. One of my favorites is "Science Daily". They offer pretty comprehensive coverage. There are articles on archaeology through dark matter to alternative medicene. Reading the news there makes Dr Dahesh's stories seem incredibly feasible. Today I read an article where a Russian scientist stated that, theoretically, advanced civilizations could exist within black holes. Why "advanced civilizations", I haven't a clue. But what I am discovering is that almost everything I learned in college and high school is under review.

    One fact interests me. That is only 33% of scientists believe God according to an article in US News:

    Recently, I watched a show on the H2 history channel. Stephen Hawking and other scientists stressed their belief that God does not exist. On the other side of the argument was a priest, one who seemed knowledgeable of recent scientific discoveries, who offered opposing arguments that God does exist. One of his strongest points was that he made a good case of bias within the scientific community. Simply because many of these people refused to consider belief in God because they could not comprehend God as well as they understand science.

    As for myself, it seems impossible that God could exist in a form that I could perceive with logic or my five senses. By that, I mean my five senses can not assist me in that perception. I've seen no burning trees or witnessed visible miracles. I can not use logic to explain God. But in fact, my belief is derived through life experiences that defy logic. A number of events and circumstances in my life could have ended it, yet I'm still here. I have come to understand certain realities, yet no one has provided me information that would support these things.

    One such issue was my personal health. Although I did not feel that I was going to die, my quality of life, in recent years, was slowly going downhill. No doctor would or could advise me in how to correct this. They simply would look at me and suggest another medication in the hopes that it would improve the situation or enable me to ignore it. A back surgeon suggested that a fusion of two vertebrates might eliminate or control pain in my legs and lower back. I could barely walk 50 feet. I had difficulty climbing steps. I had no energy to the point I had difficulty getting out of bed in the morning.

    Without assistance or much rsearch I conceived of three things that would address most of my problems. Defying all logic, I encountered three doctors with different specialties. Each offered with no hesitation, to do one of the three things that I felt would correct my situation.

    After two minor surgeries and one hormone supplement, I feel like the clock has been turned back 25 years.

    It's an experience like this that defies explanation. Doctors were pushing me in a different direction, but I resisted and went in my own. The back fusion, which is a major surgery would have done nothing for me. Some of the medications that I was taking were sapping my energy. I am no medical genius. I'm not sure how I conceived the ideas that I did.

    I confess that reading many science articles does cause me to question the existence of God. And I have revised my perception of God. But some news articles present concepts so bazaar, that the concept of believing in God is extremely plausible. And then, my life experiences continually lead me to believe, because so much of my life has been strongly influenced by some force that has been dragging me in the right direction(s).

    So yes, contrary to logic and the ideas of highly educated men and women, I believe in God. I do reject fundamentalist religion and pure creationism. Things aren't that simple. People are not equipped to use logic and their senses to understand and to know God. In fact, I suspect that logic, high education and sophistication can be detrimental to observing the hand God. Human thinking has gotten so complicated that people often, can't comprehend the simple things.