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"Nanodiamonds" Found at 6 Sites Linked to Mammal Extinction

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  • "Nanodiamonds" Found at 6 Sites Linked to Mammal Extinction

    -- Tiny diamonds found in the soil are "strong evidence" a comet exploded on or above North America nearly 13,000 years ago, leading to the extinction of dozens of mammal species, according to a study. (More)

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    I Found this stuff really interesting, here's more....

    This event happened around the period referred to as the "Clovis Period". Wikipedia had some good info in this: .


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      "Violates Understanding" According to NASA — As Reported by The BBC

      Diamond clues to beasts' demise

      By Molly Bentley
      Science reporter

      Woolly mammoths disappeared rapidly from North America

      The controversial idea that space impacts may have wiped out woolly mammoths and early human settlers in North America has received new impetus.
      Nano-diamonds and other exotic impact materials have been unearthed in thin sediments, Science magazine reports.
      The age of these materials coincides with the start of a millennium-long climate cooling event known as the Younger Dryas - some 13,000 years ago. (Read more. Also Check out NASA's statement that this violates our understanding of cosmic phenomena )


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        very interesting stuff


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          Mammoth Question Mark...

          I know the following might sound like a typical case of desperately wanting to see signs or symbols where there might not necessarily be any.

          But, here goes: When I read the CNN report, the fact that 6 sites were specifically mentioned immediately evoked the last part of "The Letter of Father Noah" which — incidentally — is specifically mentioned in the Canon of Daheshist Rites as being one of the passages to be read by the congregating Daheshists... of (perhaps) "The Future"... (enter mammoth question mark!)
          "Fail, to succeed."


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            NOVA Episode : " Megabeasts' Sudden Death"

            I highly recommend watching this NOVA episode. From the looks of it, it was an "extraterrestrial" (and sudden) event that brought the demise of the Mammoth and other species.

            This episode made a job of presenting all sides of the argument and showed how it would be possible for a comet to hit the earth with such a devastating blow (literally) and not leave a crater — such as the one scientists eventually found underwater and which supported the theory behind the extinction of the Dinosaurs. Here, it's a little bit more tricky. However, NASA's experiments demonstrate how that scenario is possible.
            "Fail, to succeed."