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    Chinese vessels harass US Surveillance ship in international waters.

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    We must not be buying enough Chinese products. And of course Obama will not want to antagonize the Chinese so he will turn tail and run as opposed to stand his ground.


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      "When China Awakes the World Will Tremble"

      In 1973, Alain Peyrefitte, many times minister in French governments, published a book entitled Quand la Chine s’éveillera le Monde Tremblera (When China Awakes the World Will Tremble) after a quote attributed to Napoleon.

      It's official. China has awaken.

      I have a question: Who (or what) made it possible for Chinese products to invade the USA market and (in many cases) put American Jobs in jeopardy?

      When corporations choose the bottom line — regardless of all the other factors ...

      When we see products sold at far less than what it would cost to produce them in the USA ...

      Who, I wonder, made it possible for the Global Economy to have (practically) no borders?!

      And, has the "trickle down" economy ever worked?

      Is that why big corporations began to outsource?

      Obama may (or may not) run... And being that I voted for him, I believe I should add the following thought here: He didn't create the problem. He inherited it. Oh, I am sure he (like most of us) purchased something "Made in China".

      My own books and CD's are printed in China... Although, in my own defense, Honk Kong (and when we first started the series) used to be British Territory. But, let's face it: I can't afford to print them in the USA because I would have to set the price so high, most artists wouldn't be able to afford them. But, back then (10 years ago) there was a balance.

      But (and here is where we can build a case for the Internet contributing to the problem by overloading the system) began began offering my books at FAR LESS than the MSRP... even in France!

      I couldn't believe it... In fact, when a French Distributor contacted me regarding distributing my books, we had lengthy back-and-forths about this issue:

      "But Amazon sells your books at 40% off in FRANCE. How can we compete with that. You'll have to chop down your prices."

      "But if I sell you the books at such a low price that I can't afford to remain in business, everyone loses."

      The deal never went through... Oh, sure... 2 years later, Amazon France RAISED its prices on my books to where I always claimed they should be... But, let me tell ya... They made SURE they got rid of the Competition!

      Anyway, this is just to show you that such news DO impact me directly.

      So, Ron, I do share your frustration.

      But I don't think Obama is the problem... And I am not sure ANYONE has the answer.

      America was pillaged and sacked by some of its own people while the majority of those paying the bill were kept in line with the constant threat of Terrorism...

      On that front, maybe we were able to stop any further Terrorist Attacks...
      But, have we traded things that were far more precious than life itself in the process?

      I admit that, as I saw the towers fall on TV, I said "LET'S NUKE THEM!"

      But that was temporary insanity...

      My temporary insanity prompted me to support Bush in EVERYTHING he did in the early stages of this "War on Terrorism."

      But, then... things got out of hand...

      Here is what I think: Democracy is not for everyone. It cannot thrive everywhere WE choose to impose it, anymore than we can impose racial equality IN PEOPLE's MINDS.

      Here's a better idea: invest in foreign students. Make sure they return home happy and content. Let them do the work.

      In my case, I had no home (literally) to go back to... Besides... There was that insane dream of being part of the "Planting Daheshism" in America initiative...

      That aside, I've lived in America since 1979. I consider myself an American. But, I suppose, and because I was never born here, I will always be an outsider. That's why I tell people I'm from Ohio — and they believe me!

      Which brings me to my main point (hold the tomatoes until I deliver the punch line):

      How can a nation... a culture... a society that put a man on the Moon be (at times) so gullible?

      Well... there is (unfortunately) a good reason:

      Americans love to champion worthy causes and even die for them...

      But ...

      Americans are so busy with work, with life, with ... "everything" (I suppose, just like everyone else in the world) that they risk to react simply on the "merits" of a headline or sound bite, without taking the time to dig deeper into the real issues — or ask the hard questions — and thus end up championing the WRONG cause.

      Now, why is that bad, especially that just about everyone in the world is guilty of the same habit?

      The reason that is bad is because — and often — Americans underestimate their own strength and how every little thing they do, say, ... affects the world.


      Because of all that leftover GOODWILL ...

      You know... all the PAST great achievements and sacrifices... which meant (basically) that (as far as the world was concerned) there is such as thing as "The American Myth" (even more so than the Americans themselves).

      And by "Myth" I mean... those stories that have become legends that made others say "how I wish I was like those Americans!"

      In any case, I believe the world has reached a stalemate.

      And... as far as China is concerned... We can't stop now.

      After all, we all helped to wake up the giant — and now, it's getting cranky!

      I have a thought... When was the last time we blamed Canada?
      Maybe it's time we do!


      Why not! Someone's gotta be the scapegoat sooner or later.

      Hey, I should know!
      "Fail, to succeed."


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        I should not have expressed a negative opinion about Obama. That was unfair on my part. I apologize for that.

        As far as who is to blame for the appearance of cheap Chinese merchandise, I think there is only one group of people to blame, "The American Consumer". They always get what they demand and they demanded cheap goods! That is why Walmart is going to be America's number one store. Wahoo!

        However, even China is now having a problem producing cheap goods. The markets appear to be moving to Turkey and Mexico. I suspect that the cost of transportation and other factors have come into play.


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          Thank you Ron and just so that we are clear: I am more concerned about the logical thread of the debate versus any political loyalty. You probably know that already, but I need to mention it just in case I didn't make that point clear.

          And whether we like it or not, any Presidency is tug-of-war between one individual's image and a Nation's identity. That is why, no President — so far — has received 100% approval (unless I am mistaken).

          The good news in all of this as far as I am concerned is that Daheshville (for better or worse) is a place where discussing Politics and Policy-making is not taboo.

          Why should that be anyway, especially that everything — whether we want it or not — is linked to Politics.

          are part of this world and we are the ones who make it what it is, in the final analysis.

          Every day, and as witnessed by my own 4 eyes (I wear glasses), Doctor Dahesh would carefully and diligently read through a whole stack of newspapers (10-14 to be exact) and circle in red ball point pen the particular topics he wanted his "team" to cut out and archive.

          If you ever have a chance to talk to my brother Chucri, ask him about the news archives the Daheshist Library has... He'll tell you.

          But to go back to my initial point: Daheshville (like many other online communities) is kept alive by the participation of members (present company included) for whom process is as important as product:

          In other word, learning is occurring as the problem is being addressed, and even though a clear answer may not be provided — and even though a question might not have been asked in the first place!

          And that is what makes Daheshville (and now, I will perhaps say this for the first time... so, remember where you were when you read this) a true School for Teaching Daheshism. I know, it's probably presumptuous on my part to say...

          Might it be that it is not always about the information in of itself?

          Instead, might it be about the method, the process, the patience (and sometimes lack thereof)... in all... the Humanity of it all?

          How many people would never trade their lives even though their lives are filled with hardship?

          Is it because they are crazy? Or is it because they figured out that whatever life they have is theirs and no one else's.

          And coming to that realization is worth all the tea in China!

          Friends... and all those who come here and scoff:

          Sooner or later, and let's face it, some of us here won't be "here" any longer and all we'll have left would be this tapestry of debates, including the occasional arguments and in some rare cases — brawls .

          Exactly as was the case when the Doctor was alive.

          Yes, I know he wrote and burned that famous prayer...

          Whereas, the fact of the matter is that even after the Prayer was burnt there were many arguments, fights, etc. during the Doctor's remaining years on Earth. And, not one Daheshist was banned by the Doctor because of it.

          In fact, one time, I was so distraught that two Daheshists (a mother and her daughter) I loved dearly were spewing venom at each other, I went to the Doctor and this is what he said "Even the entrails argue."

          I'll end this particular tangent by simply saying : "It is all about the intent" and let's leave it at that...

          So, I'm glad we're having these discussions as I hope they will serve as a model for others.

          And I am glad you brought up Walmart.

          Here is one classic case involving RubberMaid ® and Walmart.
          Last edited by Mario; 03-11-2009, 07:03 PM.
          "Fail, to succeed."


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            You may think this strange, but it is the truth. I purposely did not vote for Obama, although I felt that he was more intelligent and would do a better job than McCain. You see, I knew Obama would win in spite of my vote. However, I felt that the margin needed to not be so large that it would be a total embarrassment to to the Republican party.

            I don't have a problem so much with Obama as I do with certain members of the Democratic Party that are currently so visible. I was certainly tired of Bush and his lack of understanding of economics and diplomacy.

            Walmart's business strategy is deceptive. Initially, they will lower a price to eliminate the competition. When the competition is gone, they have been know to raise the prices up to levels that most of there previous competitors had priced them before Walmart drove them out of business. So eventually, the price advantage goes away.

            And they are unmerciful when it comes to dealing with their suppliers. Of course the article you linked to says that very well. And there have been a few articles written how vicious they have been toward employees with health issues.



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              I guess the president that got a 100% was DWIGHT D. EISENHOWER. If i was American i would elect him everyday of my life.
              He was the person that pointed the main problem in the Structure of power in the US and told them you must not let the powerful and strong weapon industry take control and sadly that’s what happen after.
              For the Chinese vessel doing what they did, I guess it is more the American fault. Because what happened in Afghanistan and Iraq showed that the American Army is in real struggle so in life everything is respect.
              As from Chinese view they see that there civilization is thousands of years old and that it’s about time to show their real power.


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                Dwight Eisenhower was a very popular president and why not. He was the commanding general in the victorious European Campaign. Whether he really had great influence over the weapons industry in this country or not, I'm not certain. All I can remember was that he played a lot of golf and spent time at his farm in Pennsylvania during his presidency.

                Despite some of my comments, I really do have good hopes for President Obama. He has claimed that he will be the decision maker. I do believe that he was the best choice. Politics in this country are as complex as they are anywhere. I may not agree with everything that he will do in the future, but I am hoping for his success. We have some very difficult problems to deal with in the United States and the world. It will require a great deal of intelligence to develop a balanced approach that is fair to all countries if we are going to overcome the current financial crisis, the stalemate between the Palestinians and Israel, the humanitarian crisis in Africa, and not to mention Afghanistan, Pakistan and India.

                If a Chinese ship had attempted to do what the US ship was doing off the coast of China, it would have been harassed, not by fishing vessels, but by US warships. So you are probably right.

                But when it comes to age of a civilization, one has to wonder why Egypt doesn't assert themselves more. Next to Egypt, China is an adolescent. The Chinese are always tooting their horn about what they invented and how old their civilization is starting at 2500 BC. But I think the ribbon goes to Egypt starting at 5000 BC.