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This man left everything to the dogs!

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    When I was a kid and still living in prewar Beirut, I heard a man describe life in America to be — in a nutshell — a "dog's life!"

    Little did I know that he meant that in the best possible way, and news such as these, prove it.

    Oh, please, and for those of you who are inclined to boo me, let me ask you the following question: Do you flaunt how much money you're making? Would you park your expensive car in a ghetto? Would you dare get on TV and tell everyone that your house was the only one that was spared during a hurricane which left a whole city devastated? Better yet, would you tell everyone how much steak you can feed your dogs while there are many people barely able to afford to purchase and eat dog food?

    Regardless of how precious I personally believe dogs are, I can't help but think that this sort of news — in this sort of economy, with all sorts of tragedies happening in all sorts of places — would be the last sort of thing I would have made public.

    Nevertheless, it's a very telling commentary on how disconnected from the real pressing issues some people might be, and how their actions might build resentment and incite riots...
    "Fail, to succeed."


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      Well Mario, I agree that there certainly are many deserving causes that this man could have left at least a sizable portion of his estate. But if you consider some of the stories Dr Dahesh told about reincarnation, there might be some unfortunate souls lurking in the form of dogs. And they may be in need of mercy and salvation.

      Besides, the next time the SPCA comes knocking on my door for a donation, I can feel less guilty about not giving them a hefty donation, because I will know that Kenneth Munzert has taken up the slack for all those that didn't answer the door.

      At least he didn't build a monument in memory to this loyal animal of his. That would have been an extravagant way to have spent his money.

      The good thing about his donation is that it will lead to there being fewer stray dogs on the streets. In some places, this is a problem.


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        Ah, but what I am saying is that — regardless of the merit involved which led to the gift being bestowed upon once specie versus another — America might not be ready to digest such news in the current climate. Hence my opinion that certain things are better off not divulged to "the masses."
        "Fail, to succeed."


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          I agree but still the public have the right to know each and everything, thats America as i under a controversy that represent an odd wonderful society, having said that if i was the editor of that news source i would have publish it in a different way.


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            Well, I posted this story simply because I thought it was both an absurd and curious thing that this man found dogs preferable to people.


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              Animal Issues!

              For people who are concerned about animals:


              Maybe they could divert some of Kenneth Munzert's money to provide a temporary home for a baby rhino until some zoo has space. Or maybe they could just send the critter back to Africa. Wouldn't that be a novel idea? If he is going to be eaten by lions, at least it could occur in a natural environment.


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                Similar Stories...

                The Roddenberry dogs are bequeathed a mansion, a highly paid personal assistant and $4 million fund


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                  In the article about Helmsley, it was interesting to see that she did leave some of her fortune to charitable causes other than animals. In Roddenberry's case, he was incredibly generous with his son. It appears he had little faith in his ability to earn his own a living. He also probably didn't think he was going to live very long either since he felt it necessary to provide 10 million dollar bonuses simply for surviving.