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The Pope Takes Us Into the Wilderness

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  • The Pope Takes Us Into the Wilderness

    When almost everyone clearly sees the inevidible, the Pope has his own view!

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    The Daheshist (?) Perspective...

    In DAHESH VOICE magazine, Volume 1, Number 1, June 1995 issue, and right before Doctor Dahesh's beautiful piece titled "Morning Prayer", we read a 12 page article by Dr. Suheila Al Mukaddam called, "AIDS, The Plague of the Twenty First Century."

    The article (written in Arabic) is written in an objective, clinical, tone. There is no preaching. Well, being that the magazine is theoretically "faith-based", we do see the occasional adjective here and there ... such as "perverted sexual practices..." and "moral behavior"...

    Thus, considering the size of the article and how laden it is with objective and clinical information, that's negligible. And, as I said above, this is Dahesh Voice and not the Village Voice... So, no apologies needed I think.

    Still, and here I am getting to my point:

    Dahesh Voice clearly published on page 40 the following (and here I'll translate):

    "That is why the experts recommend following preventative measures, and these are: stick to one partner, practice normal sex, and use condoms. And it would appear that not following these measures is one of the leading causes of AIDS being transmitted ... in the poor Asian countries, such as Thailand and India." (again, that was written in 1995... before outsourcing)

    This medical doctor concludes by saying:

    "Hope in finding a drug cure in the near future is slim, that is why it is important to follow the preventative measures in addition to maintaining good hygiene and a sensible diet in order to avoid the enemy [AIDS]. And morality and good behavior remain a sure way (of avoiding getting AIDS), followed by hygiene and a sensible diet."
    "Fail, to succeed."


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      That is object and well stated advice.

      After thinking about it, the Pope has little to worry about. People in poverty probably don't use condoms anyway. These are the people who need them most.

      I do not mean to pass judgement in any direction. And I have not suffered through knowing anyone personally who has sufered from AIDS. But, thanks to the constant publicizing of the problem in Africa and Haiti, I am confronted with the images of people suffering AIDS. So in defense of the innocent, there are some who intended to stick to a single partner, however, the intended partner was less than honest. That is where the condom could have provided insurance. There are far too many people who thought they were in a monogamous relationship only to find out when it was too late.

      According to the CIA the percentage of the Haitian population with AIDS is 5.6% as 2003. And 80% of the population lives below the poverty level. So unless someone is giving condoms away, I doubt they have condoms to use.


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