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Can Anyone Communicate W/God?

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  • Can Anyone Communicate W/God?

    I believe in Prophets, those people who have a strong dialog with God. But, I believe that there are others, those less diligent than the "Great or Minor Prophets", who earnestly seek and listen for the words, thoughts, and nonverbal communications that God may use to communicate with us. I gave up a long time ago the notion that Jesus or Mohammed were the last terrestrials that God communicated with.

    I believe that each of us can be, as capable as we desire, to communicate with God and maybe angels. This is something that takes a personal commitment and willingness to listen with all our heart, mind, eyes and ears. Not too long ago, I stumbled across an ex-clergyman that shares my beliefs. He has established a website where he allows others to post their personal experiences.

    One such experience is at the following link:

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    Greetings, thanks so much for the great testimony that you showed us. Indeed the witness here must have witnessed great spiritual events and tests in his life that led to his great and heavenly words that are very similar to the Daheshist teachings; he might have learned them while he was in a lofty world in a previous reincarnation. It's an indication of communication with God, in a certain way via a high spiritual fluid.

    By the way, i have question if you please, its that: We all know that our place in the universe is destined by the level of good and bad deeds, but what is the role of grace? How could it by defined in Daheshism? Is it related to good and bad deeds, or is it just a, FREE GIFT, from God almighty?

    To me it's a heavenly gift that it is rewarded to the people who do good and please God; it's the result of goodness.

    Does anybody has any other answer please?
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