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  • T-shirt Wisdom (not!)

    In response to this T-Shirt which capitalizes on tragedy in Newtown, Ct., and which reads:

    "Dear God,

    Why do you allow so much violence in our schools?

    singed a Concerned Student."

    "Dear Concerned Student,

    I'm not allowed in Schools.


    Here's an alternative...

    "Dear Concerned Student,

    I created the universe and its governing laws. There are things that are beyond your perception, and that's alright because you are merely human and you cannot see the underlying spiritual causality at work here. Nor can you see the many reincarnations and life-cycles that led to certain inevitable, tragic events to take place, none of which I am able to stop because the system requires that is remains self-governing. Everything has a reason for being, even if that reason is beyond the reach of your modern tools of observation.

    For what it's worth, I instructed Jesus Christ to deliver the following message to the humans he encountered when his energy materialized over 2000 years ago of your Earthly timeline: 'give to caesar what is caesar's and to god what is god's'

    So, please tell those who like to flaunt my name to further their agendas to quit doing so. It ain't cool. And while I'm at it, tell those who hurl insults at me without knowing the facts that it is even lesser than cool.

    In the end, you, your fellow humans, every atom, every molecule, every bit of energy that exists, is part of a continuum. You are all part of me and I am part of you. When you hurt me, you hurt yourselves.

    Anyway, I am sorry I can't 'cheat' and make things miraculously better, for that is the way it is supposed to be.

    Why? God only knows.



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    Life is cruel. I deeply sympathize with the families in CT, but what about the people of Iraq and Afghanistan? Are they any less worthy of sympathy? We here, in this country, are fortunate because of the many benefits we enjoy. We take our relatively calm life for granted.

    The same day this sadly demented young man punished the families in CT, I read that in China, an unemployed worker, took a knife to an elementary school and there he slashed 22 children. When I read that, all I could think was, "What an evil day it was". But sadly, worldwide, many tradegies occur every day. Much of this tradegy goes unnoticed here in the US of A.

    I was encouraged that one couple commited themselves to live more intensely because of the loss of their daughter and to keep her memory alive. Rather than steep themselves in tradegy, they chose to celebrate the life of there daughter.