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  • Listening to music

    Just want to raise an important issue regarding music.
    Personally am so fond of music, its in my blood.

    I like English, Arabic and all types of music.

    By the way, as a Daheshist believer, i might face an issue that is still causing big debate.

    Speaking my heart, I love all types of music, especially classical, but that does not prevent me from listening to soft rock, blues, even techno sometimes.

    My question is: Is it befitting, for me, as a Daheshist to listen to these types of music?

    Are we allowed to? did Dr. Dahesh express any love for high pitched or high frequency music?

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    I had the distinct honor of staying alone with the Doctor, sometimes for a few days at a time, and once even for a full three weeks.

    Not once did the Doctor tell me anything regarding my choice of music. Not once did he comment about my playing my electric (in this case) guitar. In fact, he once even asked me to bring it over so that he could see it up close. I remember placing it ever-so-gently in his arms (not because I was afraid for the guitar, but because it weighed over 5 kilos. And in fact, he did comment, "wow, it's heavy"). And there was that one time when he showed up unannounced to the NYC apartment. I was practicing my BASS guitar and I had the song "JULIA" by the Beatles playing. I looked through the peephole and I was surprised that it was him. Ordinarily the doorman would have rung me up and announce the visitors... I suppose the Doorman just let him go up (all by himself) to the 8th floor.

    Anyway, I open the door and the Doctor walks in at a fast pace ... I was still holding the Bass Guitar, because again, I was taken off-guard. So I followed him and he went up to the Stereo, I put the Bass guitar up against the wall, and he began to ask me (the thing he came up for) and while speaking (again, this was all happening so quickly, I didn't even have the chance to turn off the Stereo) he said "can we lower the volume on this thing?" and he clicked the OFF button (it was actually a little bit comical)... anyway, we conducted the "business" and then, he looked that the BASS guitar and he grabbed its headstock. He asked me "this is new?" to which I answered "Yes, Doctor, I purchased it used recently" And, incidentally, the Doctor actually either touched or held all the guitars I had at the time.

    Anyway, in my case, he never said anything.

    Is it perhaps because I was discreet?

    And outside the sounds that came out of the Television, I don't ever remember him listening to any sort of music. That being said, I was told he did not like modern music.

    Neither did he like to see a man and a woman openly kissing. In fact, there is that humorous passage in one of his travel diaries, where he was annoyed at the fact a couple were kissing in the street... until he realized it was a MOVIE SET. Have you read that chapter? See if you can find it, and analyze the message in there...

    The same goes for the idea of a person undressing in front of people.

    Common Daheshist sense would tell you that it is not appropriate. Then again, not once did he tell me not to go to my life drawing class (some of his stays with me would correspond with when I had night classes at Pratt Institute, and some of these classes were classes where you would sit and draw nude men or women).

    Is everyone designed to be an artist? No. Is everyone made to be a medical doctor? No.

    Every person is different.

    You might hear a heavy metal song, and shed tears of joy because something in those vibrations, something in the melding of sounds lifts your spirit (perhaps not every time... but, let's say...)

    On the other hand, another person might see that song simply from a lowly perspective.

    The same goes for what we refer to as classical music (I say that because there is Baroque, Romantic, etc.) Some classical music, frankly, annoys me. Just because it is "classical" doesn't mean it's good.

    The bottom line: if whatever you're listening to (in private, discreetly) makes you happy, and lifts your spirit, then relax and enjoy it. Just don't expect everyone else to agree with you.

    Now, here's a documentary that will surely shock you:

    The way classical and mainstream music fused together in the 20th century thanks to the Beatles — who, arguably brought back classical music to the mainstream after the people were fed up with the lousy classical avant-garde movement (and remember, back in those days, there was only radio, and records):
    "Fail, to succeed."


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      How beautiful your reply is Mario.

      To tell you the truth, we were brought up to on the music of the "Beetles" band that we love so much.

      Thanks for the wonderful documentary that you presented to us.

      By the way I agree with you. Yes, it depends on the person who is listening and his preparedness to react to it. But the "Beetles" remain one of the best music band that ever came to Earth.

      God bless you all.