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Where is everyone ?

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  • Where is everyone ?

    Where are the regular posters ?

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    Originally posted by Zein
    Where are the regular posters ?

    You probably don't know it, but your question is of the loaded kind!

    That aside, people sometimes drop out of the radar. And since no one knows how long Daheshville will be around (we started in 2006), you had better focus on the information available to you, while it's still here.


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      At anytime I sign in there's like a dozen of "guests" reading various topics. It seems they're just here for the info and are shy to participate.


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        I hope this place lasts for long, so you can fill as many gaps as possible in Daheshist info/knowledge presented to new Daheshists, that others are holding on to the grave for some reason. If I allow myself to judge, you have fulfilled the greatest part of your mission, and can still give more.
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          From your lips to God's ears, and thank you.

          And speaking of "guests," on October 29, 2018 there were 300 users all at once! There must have been an event of some kind that prompted such a spike in traffic.