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    Everybody knows the benefits of Tea, especially green tea for its antioxidant properties...

    I do love green tea and herbal tea before going to bed.
    One of my favourite brand of organic tea is “Yogi Tea” ...

    I like their philosophy because these are Organic Teas, herbs and spices and, they support organisations that fight against deforestation in some part of the world.

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    Hey, if it's a good product and good for you, why not?

    I drink Yogi Tea as well. In fact, let's make it the official tea of Daheshvhille!... until we get a real sponsor who can fork over the big bucks! Sure, we've got only 3 active members, but so what? ... Quality over quantity I say!

    Although... hmm, here is a dilemma... say Lipton tea paid us to promote their product and (say) we...don't really use their product... what would the "ethical" thing to do be?

    Promote something we love for free or something we ... like a whole lot less... for money?
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      Originally posted by whitetiger
      yet some people find a way of making them relevant but this is our chance to make the planet home and common denominator...
      Someone once explained to me the concept of "borderline personality" which states that a "bp" is someone who is never satisfied and obessessed with (mainly) 2 things: acquiring more "stuff" (may it be a house, a boat, furniture... power...) and protecting the "stuff" from being taken away from them. And, in the process, they have a nack for making everything become relevant or an issue.

      Doctor Dahesh wrote a story about a tree who had both a good and evil side. The evil side would send "waves" to a snake (for example) and coax it to crawl up its trunk and destroy a bird's nest... the tree would do this for no other reason than evil for its own sake.

      The good side tried to convice the evil side to change its ways. When it was finally clear that there would be no change in behavior, the good side did the only thing it could and that was to separate itself from the evil side. So the tree literally split in two. Incidentally, I saw that tree... It is in Greenwhich Connecticut. The Good side looked "clean" while the other, evil, counterpart, had nails galore in it, the bark looked like "hell" and even the telephone lines were anchored into it.

      In the final analysis, it's all in the actions: good tendencies enable us to do good deeds and evil tendencies sound like sour grapes and —best case scenario—sit on their "assets" and do nothing.
      "Fail, to succeed."


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        Originally posted by whitetiger
        i go for Yogi Tea, Mario thanks for the phone call yesterday, we are lucky to be living in the 21th century where distances and differences are supposed to be irrelevant yet some people find a way of making them relevant but this is our chance to make the planet home and common denominator of all human race, peaceful yogi tea drinkers and peace pipe smokers
        mario, one more thing (I got lost in my monologue above...) if you would like to see a special forum created for any special project or discussion, let's go for it. The great thing here is that...bottom's "self publishing." Personally, I want to see the bright minds of Lebanon show the world what we're made of. So, let kick the falafels out the clichés.
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          Don QuiBuddha says...

          ... to do our best to change a particular corner of the world (or the "whole enshilada," now thanks to technology!) but then let go.

          Otherwise, one begins to "bleed" one's energy in vain, and other worthy corners will suffer.

          Selfish? Not if one maintains the rhythm, like a bee, going from one flower to the other, doing what a bee does... which is to give as well as take.


          Also, if in the process we do not feel a level of humility, or at the very least sincerity, and if we're only out to ... say... prosyletize and recruit, thus add to our scorecards, then we are worthless and pathetic scum ... hey... Don Quibuddha's words, not mine!

          It doesn't matter if we're right...

          The trick is to be able to achieve this balance between "I don't care if you believe me" and "I will die if you don't."

          For example, there is this group of individuals I know who think they are invincible and invisible. I think they mastered the Jedi Mind Trick...
          Anyway, try as I may, they would never see the light. I even tried putting a mirror in front of them to show them that they were not invisible... the problem was that they could not see themselves... being that they were so transparent!
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            mario, I sent you a private email regarding my history with this particular project.

            That aside, and for anyone interested (I haven't read the finalized edition), here is the web link.
            "Fail, to succeed."