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A revealed-secret on telepathy

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  • A revealed-secret on telepathy

    I want to reveal a secret about telepathy ,and excuse me women-audience because i used "he" and not "she" :

    I think telepathy exists and to increase telepathic communication we need to know about something called "Emotional frequency", and "spiritual cleaness" .
    If one person is choosing cards and the other is trying to guess telepathically the cards,then the percentage of wrongs will be high .
    What the other guy should do in my opinion is to talk to the person who have the cards before starting Until there is an emotional connection between them . And if the guy have a "spiritual cleaness" , that means beleive in God and bad thoughts are away then he can connect to the other guy by using the emotional frequency and we will have a higher percentage of success for guessing.
    So if you are sometime in coffe shop with someone you could ask the person next to you about an emotional story he had . Then an emotional connection will be established and you will know his thoughts by using the emotional frequency .
    Ok dont abuse it , after all if you abuse it it will affect the "spiritual cleaness" of you and no clear connection will be made .
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    With your mastery of telepahic powers, you probably know what I am thinking right now ...
    "Fail, to succeed."


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      i am not a master in telepathy but i just sensed these would help .
      Take care


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        Hi brothers and sisters,
        Just would like to share this important information about the issue of telepathy.
        I found it important to cast light upon such a vital issue.

        Well, In terms of Daheshism, the matter is opposite.

        Actually, our guiding beloved prophet explained the matter of the connections between objects in terms of spiritual fluids; or genes in case of human beings.

        So if people share a certain spiritual fluid; yes, they may, unconsciously, experience same thoughts at a time or another. But if they don't share certain common spiritual fluids, then its nearly impossible to happen.

        However, Daheshism does not believe in the matter of a person can possessing a certain power over matter; including human minds to manipulate them or whatsoever.

        No man or woman can do or perform that except prophets; that's because when they come to Earth, they are aided by God chosen celestial beings; especially spirits that dwell in a lofty world.
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