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    bla bla bla
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    Boxfox... I commend your bravery for posting and describing what was such a horrible and dehumanizing act that was committed against you and your fellow students by such a lecherous and deplorable individual. On top of that, others covered up what was known to be going on, thus perpetuating the awful conspiracy. Painful scars such as these attrocities against children can fester for years and years as they grow in to adulthood... potentially forever carrying shame, guilt, personal disgust and embarassment... forever feeling vulnerable that "something awful" will happen if they tell.

    I feel how painful such acts have been to you and others that have endured such awful things...

    Thank you for posting such a story of your life here. Yes, such acts do not go unnoticed or more importantly, UNACCOUNTED FOR in the world. Every deed/act/thought/intent is repaid in some manner as is due the individual. Tyranny takes on so many forms in the world, it can be a government against a people or an individual, it can be a boss against a colleague, it can be a leader within an institution that has great clout over those that are blindly faithful, it can be a teacher or even a parent against a child. All of these acts are driven by such an individual's fluids of the lowest, basest most disgusting of desires. Almost of unimaginable proportion.

    While every individual has the ability to "turn one's life around", "repent" or "make amends"... I cannot speak to what it would truly take SPIRITUALLY to put back in to balance all that has been taken by these deplorable acts. Financial restitution, while it fiscally may help some families... this does in NO WAY absolve the SPIRITUAL criminality that has transpired and what these individuals are still SPIRITUALLY ACCOUNTABLE for. Prison time does not do it... to my mind, such people do not "pay their dues to society" by sitting in a prison cell for a number of years getting three meals a day and one hour of daily exercise. I do not understand what is truly in the hearts of such people (only the Divine God can) and as such cannot accept the lip service that such individuals have ever "turned their lives around". Such acts command sentences that are carried out within the divine order of God and universe within this life, in the next life, and the next and the next and the next... I dare say, the penitence of the individual you describe is probably not quite finished by the seemingly (outwardly anyway) humble volunteer acts of caring for the elderly.

    You are stronger than you know, Boxfox. Thank you.
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      Dear Boxfox,

      I would like to add to David’s right and powerful words that:

      "Speaking" is the only way to heal from such emotional and physical damages … it is the only way to relieve yourself from the monstrosity of such a perverted man. You must not keep "that" inside ... and you've done the right thing in opening your heart here among us ...

      Adults subjecting children to sexual promiscuity is one of the most evil act …

      Boxfox, I do hope that you will understand that this awful memory does not belong to "you" any more because "all of us" here in Daheshville – brothers and sisters – share your pain and feel hurt with you !

      Again, thank you so much for feeling free to communicate on such atrocities.
      I pray that we would help you to feel liberated from these awful memories … God will be The Judge and He is supporting you …



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        I agree with you, "God never forgets". It's amazing how these people get into positions of responsibility and trust. Our prayer should be that his victims not feel guilt nor suffer for his evil acts.

        Actually a "Turkish Style" prison such as in Lawrence of Arabia might be perfect for this guy.


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          hello Boxfox.

          I think you're very brave to share with us your story. Almost all those who had such painful experience in their life would never talk about it!
          Since you're Lebanese, I'm sure you heard about the poor little "Natalie". she was 4 or 5 years old (I'm not so sure) when she was found dead at school after being sexually assaulted. At that time they blamed her father and they put him in prison; all news talked about it for weeks,then they said that the father is clear to go and that he was innocent.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!CASE CLOSED
          imagine the poor father going through all this (accusation of raping his own child, prison, press, news.....) while suffering for the loss of his baby girl .
          (i heard later on that it was the priest of the school. they knew it from the beginning, and still they decided to put the blame on her father! that's why they decided to close the case later on, and the priest found refuge in a European country).

          Thank you Boxfox for sharing this painful experience with us.



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            Thanks very much for all these replies, to say the truth this is the first time i tell this story to anyone, i don't know maybe i felt comfortable to express my self on this website, i think this accident helped me to know how much faq this life is at a very early age


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              Originally posted by boxfox View Post
              Thanks very much for all these replies, to say the truth this is the first time i tell this story to anyone, i don't know maybe i felt comfortable to express my self on this website, i think this accident helped me to know how much faq this life is at a very early age

              There is nothing I can add that hasn't been already expressed by my sisters and brothers. You are indeed brave for having had the courage to share with us (and the world) your experience. Together we form a stronger barrier of resistance against evil.

              Healing takes a lifetime ... Baby steps... The first one is the hardest.
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              "Fail, to succeed."