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    I'm aware that there is some audio of Dr. Dahesh available, I'm wondering what kind of video footage is available of Dr. Dahesh?
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    There is enough to fill a library.

    Perhaps a medium size library.

    Let's say there is years' worth of footage. I saw the first VIDEO camera at the Doctor's house as early as 1974.
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      Originally posted by Mario
      There is enough to fill a library.

      Perhaps a medium size library.

      Let's say there is years' worth of footage. I saw the first VIDEO camera at the Doctor's house as early as 1974.
      Wow... I had no idea there was that much video~! That is amazing...


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        Enough to keep an archivist and a couple of interns busy for a few years it seems.
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          Just check out what Antoinette's Audio revealed!

          I was editing the audio of Antoinette, the Doctor's sister, and there were many revelations.

          Want to know which 3 Daheshists have Spiritual Fluids from Moutlak Abdel Khalek?

          And was HE the man who gave it all up and lived in the desert?

          Here is is a summary.
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            and while I anxiously google "Moutlak....

            .... Abdel Khalek.....I guess I just gotta ask: who is Moutlak Abdel Khalek?

            As for the video and audio library, may I be so bold as to ask who is in possession of it? Is it all in one place or is it in several places in different hands? Hope I'm not out of line for asking.
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              Mario can better expand upon this than I, but I believe he was a very renowned poet in Lebanon.


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                If you asked that question before I actually heard Antoinette's audio, and because we all know I am the "encyclopedia" (NOT!) of knowledge, I might have said "Wasn't he that author person who knew the Doctor way back in Palestine... and wasn't he the one who left all his worldly possessions behind and became a desert hermit and died in a cave?"

                With that, let me first answer Zionic's question:

                Everything is in the hands of the trustees.

                What I have in MY hand, and I HAVE given a copy to 2 Daheshists families, are duplicates of recordings that someone (probably Chuccri Chakkour) recorded (with everyone's consent). One day, I received 3 or 4 cassettes in the mail. In total, we now have a great "snapshot" in time of Doctor Dahesh and a few of the Daheshists on one eventful night during the height of the civil war.

                Another, Antoinette and Chuccri chatting away, casually. A lot of laughter, some poignant moments, and a lot of funny passages.

                In fact, if aliens landed and based their perspective about Doctor Dahesh solely on these recordings, they would have a totally different picture that what many are promoting.

                No, I am not saying that Doctor Dahesh was a "laisser faire" kind of a person. Oh, we was strict alright. But, there was a lot of wit and a lot of laughter despite the underlying tragedies.

                Remember "It's a Wonderful Life?"

                It's of that caliber...

                What really gets my goat (and I don't even HAVE a goat) is those who think they can "emulate" or "imitate" Doctor Dahesh or think they have a spiritual fluid from Doctor Dahesh or that Doctor Dahesh apprears to them in visions (and I ain't talkin' about the kind we get when we sleepwalk either!)

                You think I am making this up... God Bless Email!

                Gandhi had a spiritual Fluid from Doctor Dahesh (as Antoinette and Chuccri were saying. In fact, Chuccri says that the Doctor told him in no uncertain terms, "Gandhi has a spiritual fluid from me."

                Now, in view of what some who might read (or get to read... in this lifetime) in the third installment of his book of stories, the big picture will eventually be made clearer. But we have to remember that the revelation the Doctor made to Chuccri came (or must have come YEARS before the complete revelation about Gandhi)

                So, if anyone thinks they are at the level of Gandhi, then by all means, feel free to think that.

                Yes, technically speaking, we ALL have spiritual fluids that link us to Doctor Dahesh.

                Right? Isn't what I am saying logical?

                "I know my sheep and my sheep know me."

                So, let no one think they are special, because we are ALL special.

                In other words, let no one try to be better than their neighbor... the goal is to be better than... oneself.

                And ... Are some of you really happy to see Americans come together in the name of Doctor Dahesh?

                No, these are not paid actors and no, we are not holding any of their family members as hostages.

                But many ARE holding INFORMATION as a hostage.



                I'll stop here... because I need to pace myself... and I'll answer the question pertaining to Moutlak:

                From the recording, we know that he and his brother were close to the Doctor. The place was Palestine, BEFORE there was an Israel.

                They worked at a magazine.

                Antoinette describes Moutlak's personality... I am not going to go into details here. Suffice it to say he was very gentle.

                Another note worthy of mentioning:

                You know how we all think that Ringo Starr was the first drummer?

                Well, from what I am seeing, there are many "Daheshists" who the Doctor knew and who never received the title of "Daheshists."

                It is only when Daheshism was officially launched that Youssef El Hajj became (officially) the First Daheshist.

                Just like, for example, to me and a few others who believe in him, David is the FIRST American Daheshist.
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                  "Desperately Seeking Moutlak"

                  Well, I had a feeling a book that Doctor offered me as a gift contained the clue as to who Moutlak Abel Khalek was.

                  Incidentally, "Abd" in Arabic means (in this context) "servant" (the word actually means "Slave")
                  And "Khalek" means "Creator"

                  Abdel means Servant of (it's actually Abd+Al... but pronounced Abdel...)

                  And Moutlak (or Mutluck... or Mootluck... the Moo needs to be pronounced like the regular "Moo" but... shorter... for you musicians out there, 1/16th of a note) means, unrestrained, free.

                  Mootluck worked as a REPORTER at the "AL NAFEER" magazine (Pronounced ANNAFEER) in Haifa. The review he penned was dated October 3, 1933.

                  The review is on page 66 of the Arabic edition of a book whose title I believe might be translated as "Evaluation of the Literary Works of Doctor Dahesh."

                  There is even one very strong critique written by a (then) young lady named "Sameehat" who was a student of the American University of Beirut.

                  No, seriously, this "rotten review" is rather harsh! The Doctor even published it in his book KALIMAAT (Words) which was its original target.

                  Add that to the list of things to translate...
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                    More information about "Mutlaq Abd Alkhaleq"

                    In just found among my books this old (very old—dating back to 1983) document which has the title "The List of Publications 1983"

                    It is English and clearly created on a Typewriter and gives a long list of the books, their description and some excerpts. Plus, it features summaries of the key Daheshist beliefs.

                    Here, I am quoting at random a passage about the Spiritual Fluids... and I think...(don't quote me yet... I have to double check) that some of it is right off/on based upon Loutfi Radwan's interview with the Doctor... I'll have to finish translating that as well... In the meantime... (and I'll get to Mutlaq later...

                    " The Spiritual Fluids are the Fabric of the Universe and the Essence of its Beings: The Spiritual Fluids are but the living unseen radioactive force which could be explained as the extension of the Spirit in the material worlds. All these Spiritual Fluids have the power of conception, will, and inclinations, but at different levels...They are the immortal essence which unites all existing beings in spite of the apparent physical differences. The electromagnetic force which science maintains as being the basis of all existence, is but one of its features.

                    The Characteristics of the psychic life are not only limited to man, but are also common to animal and plant life and all that is known as "matter."

                    OK, back on track... Oh, wow, there you go, the biography is filled with references to "Spiritual Miracles" ... "Founder of the Daheshite Religion" (we all know that later the Doctor said it should be DaheSHIST)Bottom line, compare this to what the Publishing house says today... No sir, this list of publications (which I assume was handed out during a book show) makes it clear that Doctor Dahesh is a prophet.

                    It tells us here that "on March 23, 1942 Dr. Dahesh held his first spiritual session in Beirut in the presence of the man of letters, Yussef Al-Haj. During this session, holy spirits manifested themselves and performed concrete, unquestionably supernatural prodigies in order to prove their existence as well as the existence of the immortal, spiritual worlds."

                    And on and on...

                    Now... here... it says...

                    "However, in the period of the early thirties, he published his excellent book Daj3at Almawt (THE REPOSE OF DEATH) in both its prose and poetry editions; for the poet MUTLAQ ADB ALKAHLEQ rendered the prose work in poetry. The two editions were calligraphed by first rate calligraphers: Najib Hawawini and Mohammad Husni."

                    Oh, and here is a mention of INFERNO. "Dr. Dahesh prepared specially for this book on hundred and fifty illustrative artistic drawings executed by world famous artists, which, when republished soon, will be an artistic masterpiece in the publishing world and a great book in the world of literature."

                    Now, here is the interesting part: when I arrived to the USA, I had 5 huge suitcases and a couple of bulky carry on pieces... That's a saga by itself.

                    4 of the suitcases were "stuff" that Doctor Dahesh has sent with me to America.

                    You should have seen the expression of surprise when the customs agent stumbled upon the originals of the drawings for INFERNO (well, at least, I THINK they were... ) "What is THIS?! Just what DOES your GRANDFATHER DO?!" he asked...

                    I had no clue what I was transporting...

                    Anyway, in 1984, Dr. Dahesh would ask me to draw 8 "Plates" for him. I was at the ripe age of... 23 and a half.

                    "Fail, to succeed."