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Responsibilities of the rich being fulfilled

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  • Responsibilities of the rich being fulfilled

    Why We Should Share the Wealth

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    Thank you for the link Winged... something to think about.

    I have read also about the efficiency that Gates commands over his foundation; he apparently maintains a very high level of scrutiny to avoid the exorbitant "management and administrative" costs that so many other foundations and agencies have been plagued with. I think Unicef and the United Way have had these issues over the years... millions and millions of "travel" dollars reimbursed for limos and private jet travel...

    We all can do something... even if viewed as comparatively small and insignificant... with whatever means we have... each and every day. This is how large scale change starts... with the small steps of enough individuals willing to do SOMETHING and by BEING THE CHANGE WE WANT TO SEE.

    It can even be reflected in a fleeting moment of a seemingly small act of kindness, patience, forgiveness or understanding...