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a little tribute to Jean Chidiak

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  • a little tribute to Jean Chidiak

    he was an old man when i first met him , he used to sit quietly during our Sunday meetings, sharing his own experience with the doctor , he is the doctor's barber that's what they said to me , but he made an impact in me with the rarity of his sweetens among all other people i knew in my life, he said to me once 'عقبال فرحتك الروحية' that means ' may you get the spiritual happiness ' and he was congratulating me on finishing school , now what is so significant about that , why should i mention it , well we have a tradition in lebanon that during weddings or educational success or any important life event to a human being to say this expression 'عقبال فرحتك' which means ' may you get happiness ' but happiness in what !! with getting married and that's one of the best earthly considered happiness , now back to my subject above i was a little amazed to hear for the first time in my life such a deep amazing expression, that even hermits who are dedicated to god don't say it and he's just a barber , god bless his soul in the heavens.

    during my life i met so many people but they all seemed like clones to me but the daheshists have been always different , nontraditional and just like their name indicates astonishing , now i am here in this godforsaken country where every one is predictable and totally attached to this earthly life , maybe after ten years or more the old daheshist generation would leave our earth and the earth would be deprived from the fountains that disable it from turning into a desert .

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    "The sensitive souls, their suffering is great in this miserable life"

    I knew a "Jean" when I was back in Lebanon. In his "youth" he looked a lot like Antoine De Saint Exupery. He was the man behind all the furniture in the Mission house. And even while moving these heavy loads in the USA, and wondering just what sort of wood these were made of, someone invariably would say "that's Jean's quality work!"

    I never knew his last name... but is that the same person? If it is... I am not sure he was the Doctor's barber.

    Tanios Magdalany was known as the Doctor's barber.

    And I have bad news for you... Just about everywhere you go, you'll find the same patterns ("predictability, attachment to Earthly Life").

    That's the price you pay for being in touch with what is important.

    Doctor Dahesh (who told you in a dream that all the information is in his books) wrote in Kalimaat:

    The sensitive souls, their suffering is great in this miserable life.

    النفوس الحساسة شقاؤها عظيم في هذه الحياة التاعسة
    "Fail, to succeed."


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      well actually i looked at some photo's of Antoine de Saint Exupéry and he is like a twin brother to Jean , i don't know why they told me he was the barber , or maybe the one who told me was mistaken or mixed with this tanios