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  • Question Regarding Internet Posting


    I've noticed a website, that I guess you have already seen: . They have a section listing artists, and they list Dr. Dahesh . I was wondering if you by chance know who put together the bio? It looks like Ghazi, but it could be someone who has access to his documentation.

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    Hi Ron,

    I neither have information (whatsoever) pertaining to the author nor why Doctor Dahesh's page seems to be so out of place.

    Unlike the other "Artists" links, it is not (really) a biography. It is the only one that jumps out at you and delivers a sermon on Daheshism.

    Personally, I would have provided a standard biography (first) touching upon all aspects of the Doctor Dahesh legacy, then — and because once cannot dissociate the man from Daheshism — provided a link to the content we see.

    There is a reason why filters and shock absorbers exist. In fact, and speaking of which, I wish you could see the size of the ones I rigged around my (this) reply...
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      After looking closely.....

      Oh Yes! Silly me! It's the writing of Dr Brax. I should have recognized "Prodigies of Dr Dahesh and Unity of Religions" a talk delivered by Ghazi, May 12th, 1970. Now the question is....., who could have placed it on that website????? Let me wonder who?? It might have been O'Tool. But I doubt it. Oh I bet I know who posted it there!
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        Most probably it would be the owner of the web site.

        I am sure a simple domain name search and a plethora of information will fall like "rain" ...

        Oh... and pun intended.
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          On the same website, I found a beautiful literary piece by Marie Hadad, excerpted from her book Les heures libanaises

          There is also a detailed bio, which is pretty comprehensive, notwhithstanding the fact that they describe Daheshism as a cult.

          An important point I did not know, they say that in 1973, some of her archives, as well as an important diary, were deposited in New York. I would love to know where these documents are today and if they were properly taken care of, as the diary is an important historical document that should not be lost. I hope some Art historian is given access to these documents so that he can report back


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            لو مظبوط تربايتي ما كان طلع منهم هيك

            Thank you Ziyad. This is very helpful.

            Firstly, about the reference to Daheshism as a cult... What can I say... The author of this passage (quoted on this site) is Michel Fani.

            You know how some people look like their pets?

            I swear, there has to be some connection between some people's names and their actions.

            How ironic that his name is "Fani"... In Arabic—and unless I am mistaken— that means "Brings about utter Death and destruction."

            As for the other matter... I think a lot of her work is in the hands of people who betrayed Doctor Dahesh, which then forced him to cut all ties with them.

            It is a tragedy really... So many Daheshists had high hopes in these people. In fact, many would "credit" Doctor Dahesh with raising them.

            I said بأولو تربايتك دكتور

            To which he said without hesitation:

            لو مظبوط تربايتي ما كان طلع منهم هيك

            "If they were truly the result of my upbringing, they would have never acted that way"

            He then explained to me that it was circumstantial that they grew up around him during those days...

            Then he mentioned the really destructive influence their own mother had upon them: every time they would see a miracle, they would run to their mother and say "Mommy mommy we just saw a miracle!" she would tell them

            "Don't believe it! These are not miracles, these are just magic tricks!"
            "Fail, to succeed."