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Lots of Love for June 1st, 2007

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  • Lots of Love for June 1st, 2007

    Happy June 1, 2007 to everyone !

    May Our Beloved Guiding Prophet be Happy in His Celestial Paradise !

    May HE rejoice Himself to see Brothers and Sisters gathered in HIS Name everywhere from Lebanon, to United States, and hopefully everywhere all around planet Earth and 'up there' in The Paradisiacal Worlds …

    Thank YOU so much Doctor for 'everything' YOU have done for us and for the whole humanity.

    We Humbly pray and wish for The Day YOU WILL SING because The Daheshist Religion will be known and spread all over our blue fragile Planet …"occupying the corners of The Planet Earth" …

    I would also like to wish a Happy first year anniversary to Daheshville.
    This virtual Daheshist City created to honour You Doctor Dahesh, has been 'A Blessing' for many people, each day since its creation …

    Thanks to God and to our Beloved Guiding Prophet, we finally have found 'A Place' where we can gather whenever we want, whenever we need to share or say something.

    Daheshville is A Miracle, A Sacred Space, The Only Place where we can openly and freely pay tribute to You Doctor, and where we are able to thank You, every day for 'ALL' You have done, lived, endured, sacrificed, written, offered, created, and built during Your entire life …

    THANK YOU SO MUCH ! We owe you our lives because you’ve awakened us to a whole new Pure Spiritual Dimension.
    We all hope that we will be able to serve you and honour you each day with all The Love we have for You …

    I would also like to send my warmest thanks to each Brother and Sister who have been participating here since the beginning of Daheshville.

    Thank you for your writings which were always spiritually stimulating, comforting, or questioning my own ability to share my faith, my feelings, and my opinions with you.

    Thank you dear friends, you are all so precious to me !

    I hope that we will always be able to love each others, help each others, join our hands and live in Harmony because, we make a wonderful spiritual family !

    I pray for God to protect us and inspire us in order to follow This Bright Path opened by Our Beloved Guiding Prophet …

    Please know that I am thinking of you all and sending you my Love.
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