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Things to be thankful for on this June 1, 2007

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  • Things to be thankful for on this June 1, 2007

    I wish all of you a Happy 1st of June. This is always a day of thanks and celebration as well as a day of quiet personal reflection and assessment.

    There are a number of things I would like to give thanks for:

    •I would like to give thanks for the legacy that so openly and lovingly has been left for each of us by Dr. Dahesh. It is just amazing to me that we here on this lonely little blue spinning marble have been so blessed to have had his presence and his teachings bestowed upon us so that we can each find our way in the world. As lost as we may feel at times in our lives, imagine if we never had any sort of light in front of us to illuminate our way or not have that little inner voice to help get us back on our feet again...or not have have his words to teach and inspire us. We are truly blessed.

    •I would like to give thanks for all of you that I am able to communicate and share with here on Daheshville, via email, in person and over the phone each day. It is such a blessing to be able to share thoughts and ideas and feel your kindred spirits in my life each and every day. You have inspired me, made me laugh and helped me up when I have been down. I thank each of you and pray every day for you. You have truly been a blessing to my life.

    •I would like to give thanks for the life I have been given and I celebrate the lives of all of you on your day to day journeys. The world is a very complex and uncertain place. I pray for all the clarity and strength that each of us needs as we face our daily challenges. I pray we all have peace... peace within ourselves, peace between each of us and peace between all the battling forces in the world... a tall order for sure... but let's aim high!

    God be with you all on this special day, and always.