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  • The Daheshist Symbol

    In the MEMBERS ONLY section you will find set of images showing step-by-step instructions for writing, and folding the Daheshist Symbol (Al Ramz Al Daheshee). This is a work in progress.

    Some history behind this presentation: In April 2001, a Daheshist sister (non-Arabic speaking) asked me if I could teach her the Daheshist Symbol. I agreed and subsequently developed a distance learning course for her, in which I taught her everything I knew about the Symbol. At the end of the course (which included audio clips) she was able to write and pronounce correctly the arabic inscriptions. And, yes, she also understood their meaning.

    Soon, we hope to incorporate the revised course online. In the meantime, and for those of you that would like to cross check the information you have, this is a great ice breaker.

    Please note, I am not claiming the be an authority on the subject. My knowledge of the Symbol was handed it down to me by my brother Chucri in the late 1960's.

    In around 1981, one Daheshist commented that I was writing it incorrectly... The Doctor was staying at my apartment at that time. He was meeting with a couple of Daheshists. Before I even got a chance to utter the question, he said "keep doing it the way you have been." ( I believe I might have told that story somewhere please forgive the redundancy).

    Anyway, there it is, a work in progress.

    Oh, one more thing: you'll notice that in some of the images, we see only one hand folding the paper. That's because the other hand was holding the camera

    Also, and to the best of my knowledge, this symbol is not to be displayed willy nilly (say, on the rear windshield of a car...) and it is to be treated with respect. I therefore apologize for this "raw" and "clinical" approach.

    Last but not least, we cannot alter the design...anymore than we can alter the "Coca Cola" logo... If corporations are particular about theirs "branding," we can only imagine what a prophet must feel when the mark assigned to them is altered "without HIS permission" !

    Here is the shortcut to the Members Only section (registration required):

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    Thank you Mario

    Thank you for going to all the trouble of preparing and posting the Ramz!


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      My pleasure. Sorry for the delay, as I had to locate the files (this collection goes back a few years). Plus, this is merely the beginning. We're putting together a revised course. Also, we're moving everything pertaining to the Daheshist Symbol into the Members area. That way, anyone who wishes to gain access the information will need to register. Some information is simply too precious to make it available without requesting some sort of effort on behalf of the participant. If anyone feels this policy is not fair, please let us know what you think.

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        Dear Mario,
        I appreciate your done,but i would like to mention that the symbol has had already changed many times to be now in different way,i don't mean this way is wrong or not except it. but i mean to never make the others confuse or to prevent any confusing may happened later,and no one think that every one makes his own pray or he prays as he like etc..As you think and wish that may these information are going to be some day available for every one as referance. Even i know the whole information of Daheshism will be in a separate book , i hope it will see the light as soon as possible .
        Best regards.
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          Dear Hussein,

          You are correct. In my case, I know I've done THREE types of Symbols.
          That is why I didn't say "this is THE only Ramz." On the other hand, I didn't clarify that the design shown was ONE of the three. So I stand corrected on that issue.

          The first Ramz is the "J A TH A B U H A" motif (Jathabuha meaning "attracted her")

          There is another one where we see the names of all the prophets. I might have heard that THAT one will be the final and last design to use—to the best of my knowledge.

          Best Regards,

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            Version # 3 of the Daheshist Symbol

            As some (many... or ... none) of you might know, the Daheshist symbol has evolved over time. In the Members Only section, I've posted a couple of rough "movies" showing the proceedure to create the third version in which we see the names of the prophets before Dahesh written out.


            "Fail, to succeed."