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A Prayer for our Brothers and Sisters in Lebanon

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  • A Prayer for our Brothers and Sisters in Lebanon

    I just wanted to take a minute and express my deepest sympathy to anyone caught in the middle of this madness currently unraveling in Lebanon.

    I don't want to take sides, nor do I wish to turn this into a political debate.

    I simply pray that as many Daheshists as possible would join their voice to mine. Maybe together we can alter history... after all, miracles have been know to happen...

    Who knows... perhaps we can make a difference merely by the power of our thoughts and intentions.
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    "Fail, to succeed."

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    Dear Mario,

    I would like to add my prayer to yours ... I pray for Peace ...I pray for God's protection for our sisters and brothers ...
    I pray for Love in this world ...



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      Another Prayer...

      Since my first post, things have taken such a turn for the worst, I find it necessary to ask that we also pray for the people in Israel as well as those in Lebanon...

      Not unless one has experienced the explosion of a rocket at close range would he or she be able to come close to comprehending what it's like to feel the dark shadow of death looming, as you wait your turn to become a statistic in a wave of senseless killing...
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      "Fail, to succeed."


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        Dear David,
        Or we are Daheshists or we are not,
        We are praying for the weakly,unjustly, poorly,victims,hungry and homeless people. what ever their nationality are. But we never pray for some one is going to kill the others in their home land and take what is belong to them in different names , such as Democracy and freedom.who ever they are.
        And the fear you imagine and the loneless you are speaking about , it's better for you to imagine the fear in the eyes of some one is armless. And the loneless of someone had already killed all of his family by that troops.
        We are Daheshists, and we are belong to the Daheshism, and we never belong for anyone or anything else. And we are not a part of any conflict, even that conflict is between our countries.
        Best regards.
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          Dear Hussein...We have never met, but my prayers are with you and your family and all the unimagineable things you must be going through.

          From you post it sounds as if I have offended you or your sensibilities. I apologize if that was the case. To clarify, my prayer each day is indeed for the weak, unjustly treated, hungry and homeless people of the world and in particular all those caught in these terrible wars.

          I guess these misunderstandings are the expected result of trying to, in a few words, post one's innermost thoughts on a public forum.

          Please be safe.


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            We think of you all !!!

            Dear Hussein …

            We pray for your family to be safe …

            If there is anything we can do to help you in any way … or to help any other brother or sister still in Lebanon … Mario and I offer you our help … whatever we can do, whatever you need please contact us !

            PLEASE don’t hesitate !!! … This is the way we understand “fraternity” … we are here for you all …

            Again … we send you our deepest prayers … We think of you …



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              Dear Sandrine,
              i appreciate every word you have said, and i touch it's from the heart with a lot of faith, thanks a lot for you, for Mario, and sure for every one.
              best regards.