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Transcript of Spritual Letter to Dr. Dahesh

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  • Transcript of Spritual Letter to Dr. Dahesh

    Along with the photocopy of the prayer that I was given by the 2 Daheshists on behalf of one of the inheritors of the Dahesh Estate (in around 1990)—to reproduce and send to as many people as I can, I was also given a photocopy of the transcript of a spiritual letter that materialized in 1942. It was addressed to the Beloved Guiding Prophet by "BROTHER MAKALI" ruler of PLANET JAMALION on behalf of all the inhabitants of this STAR Planet (and actual STAR... not just a planet) who were wishing the Doctor a happy birthday and expressing a great deal of REVERANCE, admiration, encouragement, and praise. It is perhaps the most beautiful if not important piece of history we have, as well as proof positive that other "worlds" admired and couldn't wait for Dahesh to grace them with his presence.

    You will find it in the "MEMBERS ONLY" section. It is presented in both the original Arabic and English versions.


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    English Version of Makali's letter to Dahesh now available!

    We are pleased to announce that the English translation of Makali's letter to Dahesh is now available in the Members Only section.