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    This is one in (hopefully) several movies we'll bring you in which we will pass on everything we know about the Daheshist Symbol. Please note, for now, this is NOT going to make sense for our NON-ARABIC speaking viewers. In time, we'll have a step-by-step course which will enable you to read, write, and understand the various element of THIS particular version of the Daheshist Symbol (which some refer to as "Ramz" although "Ramz" in Arabic means "Symbol" ... I suppose that gives the "Symbol" a "Soupçon" of "Je ne sais quoi"... ) ... And... No... despite what some are claiming, the Symbol will not (I can't believe I am forced to say this...) endow you with the ability to perform miracles... Well, I suppose the concept of "Miracle" is relative. For example: I got up this morning and ACTUALLY made the bed. THAT's a miracle!

    Here is the sample movie showing ONLY how to draw the star and write "Dahesh" in Arabic (reduced in scale).

    If you use FIREFOX as your browser you can save it to your hard drive.

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