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    Hello dear friends

    What i'm about to tell you happened to me 2 days ago. It was something that's gonna change my life forever.And i would like to share it with you.
    I'm lebanese, but i live in Dubai. we moved here during the war last summer, like many others did.

    On friday we decided, my husband and i, to take our 3 years old daughter to the beach. We went to a beach right next to Burj Al Arab.
    It was nice and calm, there were tourists everywhere taking photos of Burj Al Arab and walking along that beautiful beach.
    My daughter was playing next to me, she was very happy.Then my husband decided to go for a swim, he asked our daughter but she refused
    cause the water was very cold. I was so relaxed on the beach, i decided not swim. A few minutes later, i looked at my husband, he was still in the water, but i could clearly see that his skin was very red. i waved for him to tell him to come back but he was already on his way to the shore. He sat next to me and told me that he feels a bit sick. I looked at his back, it was all red and swollen. Then i looked at his arms...same, his legs too....All his body!. And he fell down unconsious. He was shivering, his eyes wide open, his mouth too. It was horrifying. I started calling him, he was not responding.i held him in my arms and he was still shivering (like a fish out of the water), trying to breath. I was looking around me crying for help, i was horrified. I thought i'm loosing him.Then,i remembered classes i took with the red cross when i was still at school. so i held his head in a way that could help him breath, and i put my fingers inside his mouth and held his tongue cause he was about to swallow it! He bit me, but i couldn't feel any pain. I was still calling for help, when all of a sudden he stopped moving his eyes still wide open, and his mouth too... I said to myself :"Ghassan is gone! That's it. I lost him".
    And i screemed so loud:"HELP ME PLEASE!!"
    By then people were coming for help. I looked back at him, and i couldn't believe my eyes. He was back! His eyes started to look normal again, he was breathing. I took my fingers out of his mouth,and looked at his face, it was bright like an angel's face,and his blue eyes were glowing and pure! But you can see that he was lost. He was back soooo softly and in a strangely smooth way, like an angel waking up from a deep sleep.
    All this happened in less than a minute, and our poor daughter was next to me watching silently, wondering what was going on, then she started to cry! My poor baby!.. she saw it all.
    Next to us was a young woman and 2 guys, they directly came for help.she called emergency and the guys tried to help me.
    A group of tourists were taking photos of "Burj Al Arab",among them was a spanish doctor and his wife who rushed for help. Then came a young man he introduced himself as a policeman, it seems that he was there on vacation,i told him what happened, then he asked me to take my valuables and to get ready to go with my husband once the ambulance arrives.
    The woman who called emergency, offered to take care of my daughter meanwhile.By then others came, among them were 2 men, a siryian and a jordanian, you can tell from their accent, they were there with their families enjoing the beautiful sunny day. they helped us a lot.
    And the ambulance arrived.
    On our way to the hospital i called a friend of ours and his wife who moved lately from jeddah. they are both pharmasists.
    By then my husband was totally awake. Once at the hospital they began to do some tests,and it turned out that it was an allergic reaction to pink jelly fish poison.
    The strongest jelly fish poison, which could be fatal!
    Our friends who arrived few minutes later to the haspital couldn't believe it when i told them what happened. they couldn't understand how he was back to his normal state without being given an antidote to such strong poison. It was not possible, they said!
    As for me, i looked at it as a miricale. I think taht we were not alone back then at the beach, i could feel it. The way he walk up was strange in the way it looked (so soft and calm) and the way it is (without antidote). It was like my husband was away somewhere then he came back!

    After spending few hours at the hospital,we went back home. my husband was back to normal. he was ok.THANKS GOD!
    I couldn't sleep that night, i was holding him in my arms, looking at him, crying not able to believe that he's next to me safe and healthy. What made him wake up when i thought i lost him? And then, What if he was still in the water when it happened? what if i didn't react by holding his tongue right on time?... what if.....? what if...? i had all those questions in mind, without having an answer to any of them.
    Then, when he was deeply asleep i heard him say:
    " mama....mama....mama....".
    My husband lost his mother when he was 9 years of age. She died of cancer!

    I knew later from him that in the same morning while looking at himself in the miror,he remembered his mum.he was shaving and he said to himself:"my lips look today exactly like my mother's". it seems that she was there.she knew what is gonna happen and she came for help. she was there with us before we even went to the beach.
    I remember years ago, when i was 19,(by then ghassan and I were just friends.), i saw his mother in my dreams ( i don't actually know her, she passed away when my husband was 9 as i mentioned before), she was standing beside me and she said: "watch over ghassan and take good care of him". I couldn't understand what she meant back then, but now i know what she really wanted to tell me.

    As for my husband,he doesn't remember anything of what happend during the time he was unconsious. Though all happened in less than a minute for him it was like a very long sleep, as if he was away for a month. but where? he doesn't know!

    My daughter is fine. She asked many questions about what happened and we manage to explain it to her somehow.

    That was my story. As for you dear friends, i would like to ask those of you who know how to burn a Ramz to burn one for me please, to keep my husband Ghassan and my daughter Yasmina safe, in good health, and away from harm.

    Thank you dear friends for reading my story, and thanks in advance for those who will burn a Ramz for me upon my request.

    And please, if anyone can tell me how to do a Ramz, what to write on it, what prayers to say or write down, and how to burn it. i would really appreciate it.

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    Dear Lina,

    Your letter was so moving to read that it brought tears to my eyes ... I really sympathize with your pain ... I imagine that it was terrifying and I recognize that you've been very courageous. I don't know how I would react in such an awful situation ...

    Your deep love for your husband saved his life and Thank God you were inspired to do the right thing at the right moment.

    Of course, we will burn a prayer to Thank God for His Help and Protection for Ghassan and your little Yasmina.

    Mario taught me how to draw the Daheshist Symbol by developing a whole course, showing pictures where you easily understand how to write it step by step, how you need to turn it after you have written down the Star in the middle.

    Then what we have to write inside the star and all around it ...
    Then he shows how to fold it and he also recorded "The Incantation" that we should repeat 6 times while the prayer is burning.

    I am sure it would be easy for you to learn it because you write and speak Arabic. If being french I was able to learn it I am sure that you can do it.

    In fact Mario is currently developing a whole animation to explain the complete procedure but as you may imagine, this requires a lot of time.

    Before I give you some of the key images that were part of a huge course for a non arabic speaking person, that took him months to develop, I while give you the basic instructions and point you to the supporting graphics that Mario posted on Daheshville:

    (Administrator's Note: The rest of the message containing Sandrine's excellent instructions on how to make the Daheshist Symbol can now be viewed in the Members' Only Section. Here is the link. Unfortunately, when we moved Sandrine's reply, it left a void in the sequence of messages. So we restored the introduction and merged it with Sandrine's subsequent reply to Lina. We apologize for the confusion!)

    Dear Lina,

    Just a short but nevertheless important note : I hope that Ghassan is doing well ... I also believe that it was a miracle ...

    God bless you and your family ...


    PS. I am sorry because in my previous post I've made a lot of mistakes and I omitted some links. I updated them.
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      Dear Sandrine

      Thank you very much for these valuable information. And thank you again for burning a Ramz for me. i deeply appreciate it.
      I was really depressed for the last few days, I couldn't eat, couldn't sleep...
      I needed someone to talk to, anyone who could really understand what i've been through. And who's better than you guys, all of you.
      But today I'm feeling much better. I'm fine actualy.
      Thanks again Sandrine, and don't worry about your mistakes, we all do some from time to time don't we?!


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        Dear Sandrine

        I forgot to mention that i have a sample of the paper (pdf) that i got from a link sent by Mario i think to one of the members. I don't know if we can print it and use it!
        Anyway, Ghassan is doing fine now, he's back to work. And yasmina is ok too though she cannot understand why the "jello fish" ,as she says, caused harm to her daddy. she often asks me:
        "mummy, why did the "jello fish" hurt daddy? he's a nice person! do you think the sea turtle ate it by now?...oh yes mummy, i think the turtle ate it, yes sure, sure!".
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          Originally posted by lina View Post
          Dear Sandrine

          I forgot to mention that i have a sample of the paper (pdf) that i got from a link sent by Mario i think to one of the members. I don't know if we can print it and use it!
          Dear Lina …

          Thanks to God everything goes back to normal in your life … and thank you for your kind words.

          Concerning the yellow paper … I don’t know if you can print it directly from the "pdf file"... but if you have nothing else I am sure this would work !

          As I already offered, if you need any samples ...

          Here, I will quote Mario’s words:

          "So, if you placed a standard NON GLOSSY white sheet of paper (you know, typical Xerox paper) and, using your printer, just output a sheet. That should give you an idea of what the yellow might look like. Of course, the yellow sheet for the ramz is dyed yellow throughout (both sides)...

          Not sure if we can use THAT kind of YELLOW paper (meaning, we dye our OWN paper, using—for example—an inkjet printer) on both sides... Maybe someone out there might know. But, let me tell you: I am stranded on a deserted Island with only white paper and a color printer... so be it!

          I would like to add another recommendation concerning the Prayer:

          It should be done as a Ritual twice a day

          - At 6:00 a.m
          - And at 6:00 p.m

          Or if it is not possible at these specific hours it should be done :

          - In between 6:00 a.m and noon
          - Then in between 6:00 p.m and midnight

          May God bless you all...


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            Originally posted by lina View Post
            Dear Sandrine

            I forgot to mention that i have a sample of the paper (pdf) that i got from a link sent by Mario i think to one of the members. I don't know if we can print it and use it!
            Anyway, Ghassan is doing fine now, he's back to work. And yasmina is ok too though she cannot understand why the "jello fish" ,as she says, caused harm to her daddy. she often asks me:
            "mummy, why did the "jello fish" hurt daddy? he's a nice person! do you think the sea turtle ate it by now?...oh yes mummy, i think the turtle ate it, yes sure, sure!".
            Dear Lina,

            I think you are very brave and it is an honor to have you among us. Your ordeal touched me deeply as well. Please know I burnt a (humble) prayer for you as well on the day you posted the message which Sandrine relayed to me (I was traveling). I will now make it my biggest priority to finish the Sybmbol Movie.

            Unfortunately, I have to (every now and then) address Darrick Evenson's posts... and that takes away valuable time... My dream is that our numbers are large enough that we actually create a Legal Daheshist Society, with a board of Directors etc. and VOTE on some matters... Until then, we have to do our best.

            Again, thank you SANDRINE for all that you have done. I know it is NOT easy being that you are French and you still have to learn to pronouce "M'hallabyyat" correctly!

            As for the paper... I know you are in Graphic Design... most probably you know paper mills. In terms of the WEIGHT of the paper... It's actually LIGHTER than the Xerox paper. I don't know whether it is 50 or 60 lb text... I tell you what. I just grabbed a copy of the ALMOUNJID Arabic Dictionary...38th printing (and you'd think they would update some of the images in there... and why do they put the Whale —a mammal—under "FISH"... but I digress...) I am feeling the paper and that's pretty much the weight you're after. If you can't find yellow paper... what to do... Just dye your own I say. Make a solution with yellow ink and dip the paper in it. You'd have to do it by trial and error until you get that 40% yellow range... Otherwise, try the paper mills. Or, Sandrine can send you a few) Which you can then use as a reference.

            Be well and God Bless!

            "Fail, to succeed."


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              Dear Mario and Sandrine

              I really don't know what to say to express how grateful and thankful i am. It's a great Honor for me actually to be among you.
              I've been living here in Dubai with my husband and daughter away from my family, and when i needed one, here you were guys, to support me, stand by me, and pray for me.
              THANK YOU.

              Mario, i hope your dream will come true soon, and as i once told you about Daheshville: "That's one small step for man; one giant leap for mankind" (Neil Armstrong)

              As for the paper, thanks for the information, it could help me alot. Sandrine was of great help too, and i'm not gonna hesitate to ask her to send me some papers if i don't find them myself.
              (waiting for the Symbol Movie!)

              Bless you all!



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                Lina...I am glad to hear that your husband and family are doing well after what could have been such a tragic incident. I know there have been many warm thoughts and prayers for all of you. Yes, prayers are answered, and yes miracles still happen. Thank you for sharing your story here with us and we wish continued good health for all of you.


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                  ...and "Jello Fish" is now a part of my vocabulary as well!