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May God have mercy on evil people.....

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  • May God have mercy on evil people.....

    As a child I learned to fear my father. He was explosive, mean, frigthening..... But over the years I learned to avoid confrontation, I even reconciled with his strange behavior. In his old age he seemed to mellow. I believe in God's commandment "thou shalt honor thy father and mother".

    Less than four years ago my mother passed away and he lives alone. Neither of my two brothers wants to risk having him move in with them. He had asked them both and they refused. For some reason he never ask me.

    His health is declining and I have no problem with that. We knew the day would come when he would need additional care. I am prepared to provide the best support I can regardless of inconvenience. I had put the past behind me. Over the weekend he had to be taken to the hospital due to swelling in the legs and difficulty breathing. On Sunday, I sat for hours at his side making sure that his comfort was ensured.

    Finally they were able to move him to hospital room and bed where he could receive regular care. After one night of treatment his condition improved dramatically. My guess is that he will be relased in a day or two.

    On Monday I returned to the hospital in the middle of my work day to check on him. When I arrived he was screaming at the young woman that had brought his food. Evidently, he had a problem when he tried to take care of some of his own needs without calling a nurse. The problem had nothing to do with the young woman in his room. He accused her and the hospital of neglecting his needs. I later found out that this was not true. But the manner and the language he used was unforgiveable. I was embarrassed for him, for her, for myself. There was no excuse for his behavior. I appealed to him to relax and reconsider what he was saying. He ignored me. The demons that had controlled him in my childhood had returned. Two nurses rushed to the room to see what the commotion was about. Then he launched into a tirade against them accusing them of all sorts of shortcomings, attacking them verbally in a personal way. Thank god, the more senior of the two nurses had the skills to deal with him. I was so angry by that point at his behavior, the only sensible thing I could do was leave the room.

    At that time I flew back in time to my childhood. Instead of him attacking these nurses, he was attacking my mother. I was helpless. I could do nothing but watch in horror.

    I believe strongly that the need for revenge is most dangerous to the person who desires it. And now I find myself where I was as a child wishing for terrible things. So now I would rather channel my energy into a prayer to mend an evil person............

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    Dear Ron,

    Thank you for sharing with us your touching story.

    When I read it, I was really moved and I felt a profound sadness coming to my heart and this stayed with me from yesterday late at night until this morning …

    I woke up thinking of it … went to a meeting, this morning, knowing that I wouldn’t be able to send you a note, then I am finally back to my office and … The first thing I want to do is : writing you a this short note !

    What does that mean?
    That means we are all interconnected to each others - from what we understand reading "The wonderful stories" of The Doctor - and when we want to send comfort and positive energy to a brother we are able to do so …

    To counter such negative emotions, it’s important to cultivate compassion and that’s what you’re doing …

    You have such a clear mind, facing reality with so much strength, that’s incredible … and the way you react shows that you've brought a compassionate attention to this experience which is increasing your own freedom!

    This painful event also opened the door to your youth … now, you are in touch with a young boy full of - understandable - fears and evidently, "he" needs to be taken in your adult arms … That's painful but that's also an opportunity to heal and, you need to feel tender toward yourself because you are a good person, a tenderhearted person ...

    I also would like to say that this situation is really sad for your father who has certainly not reached the level of Peace you would hope for him …

    Please, know that you were in my prayer this morning and I know that all our brothers and sisters are also with you during this difficult time …

    May God and our Beloved Guiding Prophet be with you Ron.

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      To illustrate my previous post, I would like to summarize one of "The strange stories and wonderful tales" of Doctor Dahesh ...

      Mario reminded me of it when we spoke about Ron yesterday :

      When The Doctor moved from Lebanon to The United States, he brought a lot of wooden containers made of Lebanon wood …
      It was during winter, and these boxes had to remain in the park, outside the house for a certain amount of time and it was really cold…
      The wood was accustomed to the Lebanese warm weather that’s why the containers began to freeze.
      The trees all around in the park saw the suffering of their wooden brothers and could not stand it any more so ... the whole forest decided to bring all their energy together to heat the containers and help them during this painful experience …

      Yes that seems crazy but we’ve learned from The Doctor that there is life and spiritual conciousness everywhere, all around us and not only in human beings

      So, let’s imagine if Containers was able to help each others … How we can be powerful if we decide to send our prayers and positive energy to a Brother or a Sister !!!
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        Thank you for you kind words of support. Sharing such an ugly story can be liberating.

        But there is a second part tp this story. This man was a skilled manipulative abuser of my mother. My God how she suffered mentally. But how little she complained. She was all the mother any child would need.

        When I was older, I attempted to discuss it with her, but she denied it and refused the discussion. I have spent most of my life suppressing the desire to retaliate for fear of hurting her. I do what I do to honor her memory and obey the laws of God.

        I leave his judgement in the hands of God.


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          I firmly believe that your mother (wherever she may be) is feeling that justice is being rendered by virtue of the fact you were brave enough to speak about it.

          It is not easy to do what you have done!

          Neither is it easy to resist seeking vengeance.

          But, rest assured that no effort goes in vain.
          "Fail, to succeed."


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            Amen, Mario. Ron, you are brave to see clearly the truth and reality of what has happened to you. I commend you on the compassion you have for your father... in spite of the choices he made in his life. This is your strength.