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  • "I Will Sing"

    By now, some of you already know that Doctor Dahesh told me himself that on day we are going to have a Temple.

    After his passing, the trustees gave me the book of prayers he wrote. In it is a very special and powerful piece I thought I would share with you this evening... I is called "I WILL SING"

    I did my best to translate it faithfully. And, while in the process of translating it, it dawned on me that the Doctor's style was very conducive to being translated into English. Which made me truly wonder how come—until today—the majority of his books are not yet translated in English.

    It took me 8 hours to translate the piece. Granted, I am not the fastest (nor perhaps the brightest). But one has to wonder how many pages might have been translated, by an army of people over the span of 20 years...

    Just a thought... and what do I know... So I will leave you with this —perhaps the most powerful testament of Doctor Dahesh's own faith in his own Mission:

    "I will Sing

    When the arm of the Daheshist Religion becomes strong in the American territories — I will sing!

    And when her pinnacles spread, implanting the States, rooting in the bosom of their inhabitants — I will sing!

    And when she spans America gaining the lands, cutting obstacles, occupying the unknown and the charted — I will sing!

    And when her foundations are planted and she becomes firm like the tall and mighty mountains — I will sing!

    And when The Daheshist Temples are erected, and in them are raised the humble spiritual supplications — I will sing!

    And when the nai
    ( a type of flute) plays his supplication to the Creator of the worlds, Inventor of the galaxies, Founder of nebulae and the planets — I will sing!

    And when the believers will bring the flames of their sacred symbols towards their faces with their hands, while they bow — I will sing!

    Yes I will sing as The Prophet David sang bowing before his Creator, that is how I will bow and sing!

    And I will sing as the sister of Moses the Prophet sang when Pharaoh and his army drowned, and the children of Israel escaped, like that — I will sing!

    And I will sing as the daughter of the commander Jephtah (Yiftah) who gained victory in his war, and returned victorious, like her —I will sing!

    And God will help me, and the Daheshist Religion will spread, occupying the corners of the Planet Earth — and then I sing!

    And I will become drunk from the liquor of the Daheshist victory, and I will take flight with my soul towards the Divine Gardens, and then I sing and sing!!"

    I wrote this in the car going to the City of Lions in Los Angeles at 9:30 a.m. on January 22, 1977.

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    "Fail, to succeed."

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    Original Arabic Version of "I Will Sing"

    Here is the actual Arabic version of "I Will Sing" which can be found on page 180 of"Humble Supplications" by Doctor Dahesh — published by (at the time) "Fire and Light Publishers" (which later became "The Daheshist Publishing Company") on June 18, 1983.

    In transcribing the Arabic text, which was beautifully hand calligraphied, we preserved (to the best of our abilities) the formatting and punctuation true to the original. Please refer also to the (above) original 2007 translation for corrections and updates (shown in red).


    عندما يشتد ساعد الديانة الداهشية
    في البلاد الأمريكية - سأغني !
    وعندما تمتد فروعها مجتاحةً الولايات ،
    متغلغلة في صدور سكانها - سأغني !
    وعندما تجتاز أمريكا جأبةً الأقطار ، قاطعةً الأمصار ،
    محتلةً المجاهل والديار - سأغني !
    وعندما تثبت أسسها ، وتصبح راسخة
    رسوخ الجبال الشماء المشمخرة - سأغني !
    وعندما تشاد المعابد الداهشية ،
    وترفع فيها الإبتهالات الروحية الخشوعية - سأغني !
    وعندما يعزف الناي ضراعتة لخالق العوالم ،
    ومبدع المجرات ، ومكون السدم والكواكب - سأغني !
    وعندما يقرب المؤمنون نيران رموزهم المقدسة
    بأيديهم لناحية وجوههم ، وهم خاشعون - سأغني !
    نعم سأغني مثلما غنى النبي داوود خاشعاً أمام خالقه ،
    هاكذا ساخشع وأغني !
    وسأغني مثلما غنت أخت موسى النبي
    عندما غرق فرعون وجيشه ، ونجا بنو إسرائيل ، هكذا - سأغني !
    وسأغني مثلما غنت إبنة القائد يفتاح
    الذي إنتصر بحربه ، وعاد ظافراً ، مثلها أنا - سأغني !
    وسينصرني الله ، فتنتشر الديانة الداهشية ،
    محتلةً ربوع الكرة الأرضية - فأغني !
    وانتشي بخمرة الظفر الداهشي ،
    وأحلق بروحي نحو الفرديس الإلهية فأغني وأغني !!

    كتبتها في السيارة الذاهبة إلى مدينة الأسود بلوس أنجلوس
    الساعة التاسعة والنصف تاريخ ١٩٧٧/١/٢٢
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