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  • Solemn Oath

    This is a photocopy of the solemn oath to which 20 Daheshists signed their names. Among them, The Trustees of the Dahesh Museum.

    The key authors of that historical document?

    The President of the Dahesh Museum with the collaboration of the Daheshist Chucri Chakkour (who was the one who actually hand-written in).

    The place? In a kitchen, somewhere in North America, at a table where Doctor Dahesh usually sat, and a few meters from he slept and where his precious body was embalmed, and as it laid waiting for its final journey.

    We will translate it soon... In the meantime, we would like to ask all the Arab-speaking Daheshists who still think the Trustees were justified in publicly disavowing Doctor Dahesh, to read this document and to tell us:

    Isn't it our solemn duty to do whatever we can (including airing our differences in public when EVERYTHING ELSE FAILED, so that the public realized that, NO, not ALL Daheshists agree with them?!) in the hope that they publicly retract their statements?

    To whom it may concern, doesn't "brotherly love" mean that we do whatever we can when those we (pretend to) love behave in a manner that we believe to contrary to what we hold to be true?

    We are all human and we all make mistakes.

    The road to redemption begins with an apology and acceptance of responsibility.
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    Important Correction...

    ... This Oath was written before Doctor Dahesh was taken to his final place of rest and signed by all those present (20 individuals).

    The original of this document was placed inside the casket.

    In essence, this oath that 20 Daheshists signed rests with Doctor Dahesh...
    "Fail, to succeed."


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      Partial Translation

      Here are the first few lines from the Oath 20 of us took, signed, and placed inside the Doctor's casket.

      Granted... One Daheshist (a pre-teen girl...) cannot be held accountable, even if her mother (and her legal guardian, technically-speaking) was present.

      But, everyone else was over 18 years of age. And, each one them, myself included (I was 23 and counting) are accountable.

      By God's Right,
      (that of) The Beloved Guiding Prophet,
      (that of) The Six Personalities
      (that of) The Twentieth (Spiritual) Fluid

      We swear to walk according to the teachings of the Beloved Guiding Prophet, and to condemn what he condemns.

      We swear to persevere and strive and be martyred for the sake of the Sacred Daheshist Message.

      We swear to unite our wills and our hearts and to dedicate everything we have for the sake of spreading the lofty Daheshist principles.

      We swear to love one other as the Beloved Guiding Prophet loved us and sacrificed everything for the sake of guiding us.

      We swear to never permit personal greed and materialistic temptations to block the path of our sacred struggle.

      We beseech You Oh God to inspire us to walk according to the dazzling Daheshist truth.

      We raise, Oh God, our hearts and our hands with prostration and humility, so that You forgive us our sins and trespasses that were the reason for the pains and suffering that the Beloved Guiding Prophet endured in order for us not to perish.

      We fervently call on You, Oh God, to answer our prayer and to be The Witness to our Oath and to strengthen us so that we faithfully and fully complete our Sacred Mission*. (*Note: the actual word is "message". The meaning, however, is interchangeable with "Mission" in this case.)

      To be continued...

      Not to Everyone: Feel free to post corrections or to continue the translation.
      "Fail, to succeed."


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        Firstly I want to apologize for my poor translation skills:

        -We ask you God to accept our Thankfulness for the Holy Bless and help us to spread the Spiritual truth.
        -We beg you our Beloved Prophet not to Block your brighten Star from us and to forgive us and include us with your watching eye with care, mercy and bless. Always remember us from your Scared Holy place so God let us total merge within you. Forever and ever Amen.